Saturday, 6 June 2015

Damien Thorn Shout Out

So cute as a kid.

A big happy birthday to Damien Thorn, born at 6am on the 6th June 1971, he went on to become the US Ambassador to Great Britain, a role his late father once held.

Thorn retired from the world stage after a savage knife attack from a crazed journalist Kate Reynolds and a former priest hopped up on the crack and saying that Jesus made them do it. So many junkies get led astray by the Bible, it's sad to see.

 Look Damien, I'm doing it for you.

Thorn spends his time breeding and training minions at his modest home in Florida but insists the world has not seen the last of him. You just can't keep a good man doon

 His over bearing parents forced him to go to Sunday school as a child even though he was severely allergic to made up bullshit.

Poor guy, his father, mother, aunt, uncle and cousin all died under strange circumstances, his nanny who was suffering from depression ruined one of his birthday parties by hanging herself during it and the bitch knew that he wanted a fucking clown who did balloon animals not that. Depression is killer.

Then to find out that a priest has set up a group of assassins to kill you because ... they didn't like the US involvement in the Middle East or something. 

I'm sure therapy was an ongoing thing for Damien. Don't let the cunts project their issues onto you mate, stay strong. 

Some have his date of birth as 1950 and 1966 but he refuses to show us his birth certificate.

Happy birthday and who knows, with yer great track record at serving yer cuntry we may even see you in the White House soon. A survivor who has never let adversary get him doon is what the world needs. 

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