Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Future Of The War Machine

The International Defence Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi

If there is a mystery such as planes flying into the world trade center and nearby buildings that weren't hit oddly collapsing, strange invasions that are hardly connected to events or upon the wane of one terrorist organization a new and more media savvy one appears, you should not take everything at face value but instead ask yerself, who is making money or gaining from this? 

The US defense budget for 2015 is $585 billion though closer to $600 billion, that's number one in the werld, USA USA! America is the number one war nation, followed by China with $141Billion and Saudi Arabia at $80billion. 

 Drones you say .... I'll take 10.

Not so fast Johnny Sandsavage you can't buy death from above quite just yet ..... but soon. There are numerous defense exhibitions around the world with 55 cuntries including the US, China, Russia, Turkey and many others going to the one in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. 

If only you had a terrorist organization that constantly reminded everyone via social media just how much danger the werld is in and that group some how was able to not suffer damage inflicted upon it by various nations .... that right there might drive up sales, Saudi themselves will be increasing their defense spending by 12% it's almost as if they are making a new market since they are worried at being too dependent on oil.   

The US is always trying to think of better ways to kill defend people and I'm wondering why they haven't used their Active Denial System or heat ray to disperse the numerous riots in the US, this system has been ready to be used since 2012. Is there an agenda to having out of control streets? Usually it's to bring in new laws for the safety of the public that infringes on their freedoms. 

 The Guardbot can roll around the streets and even roll up rivers and let you see everything.

Speaking of which drones and robots are becoming more acceptable, you put cameras on the police officers, cameras on the drones, cameras on the sentry bots .... see where I'm going?  The thing is to make the new ways more commonplace. The government actively intercepts our phone calls, texts and e-mails, thanks to everyone having phones (which are now commonplace) we can be tracked so watching us is the next big step .... for our own safety in case any cops shoot us.  

Smaller drones that fly in a swarm to tell artillery who and where to defend the fuck out of. Known as the Locust program  because it's a cool name and means Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology. It reminds me of the Marvel agency S.H.I.E.L.D when asked what does Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division mean to you? And the answer was, "that somebody really wanted to spell out shield."  

Low cost drones because reasonably priced didn't sound as good or spell anything, they are launched from a missile launcher, 30 at a time and meet up and fly together while communicating with the ground with each unit costing $10,000 how can you refuse a bargain like that? 

The USS Zumwalt .... at night.

The USS Zumwalt is an ugly ass destroyer that has recently been commissioned by the US navy. It has stealth capabilities and did I say ugly? $3 billion worth of ugly, it is currently undergoing sea trials to see if it floats. 
You can see what governments are planing by the arms they are making and buying. Foreign sea wars and fights in remote locations, quiet special ops motorcycles, smart bullets for small operations and having an aircraft carrier or a drone base at key places around the world at any time. 

Aircraft carriers remade sea battles, they can carry troops, equipment and commence long range operations by air, the US have 10 with 2 in reserve and 3 more being built. This is news because China just started using its first aircraft carrier .... ach they grow up so fast, with another being built. China is also building secret bases in the south China sea in disputed waters that contain huge landing strips, what are you up to China? Investing in the future huh. 

 HMS Queen Elizabeth

The UK have no aircraft carriers because they decided to scrap them and build 2 more for £6 billion which may be ready in 2020 so no wars til then ok?  Japan have got their carrier the Izumo and India have 2 in construction also.
Germany has brought 100 of its tanks out of moth balls and Russia is to bring in their T- 14 Armata super tanks to have 2,300 by 2020 ... again, always that date. France is doing the usual thing though and want to sell their aircraft carriers as they would only get in the way of surrendering. 

You certainly couldn't tell that there was a recession on, the defense industry isn't showing it. It's funny that all this caber rattling that was dying off when Obama took office has ratcheted up in time to re-model all the older defense systems and to introduce new ones, wheels are certainly being greased and when you have the best weapons, you can do as you please and not even have to use them. 

The future doesn't just passively happen, we make it happen and you can see by this military mindset what we want to happen. 

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