Friday, 10 October 2014

Has The DUP Gone Full Retard?

DUP politician Nelson McCausland is either crooked or incompetent ... those are yer choices. 

So after Nelson McCauseland made some errors in the accounts while serving as minister for Minister for Social Development ... he made shit up now there is a new Minister, great, someone qualified for the job at last, not someone with a degree in geography or town fucking planning like most DUP ministers have. 

Mervyn Storey who doesn't have a degree even though he's an education spokesman (his daughter Lydia has a degree in geography, it made the news, no seriously it did) is much of the same as Nelson. A Young creationist which means obviously he's a moron he's also a member of the evil Caleb Foundation.

Why did they even bother to replace McCauseland? This cunt tried to get creationism into schools and museums just like the rest, there is no logic or reason in the heads of these twats.

Example: Should I give this lucrative building contract to the firm who can do it well or to this less expensive firm who are really just two men and a van? .... neither, you pay yer other friend to consult on this issue, run out of money and eventually hire the guy with the van.   

Well thank Gog they got rid of that other Young creationist Edwin Poots as Minister of Health, that homophobic twat was so incompetent I don't know how he was able to keep that post for so long, who do we have now?

Jim Wells???? .... another Young creationist homophobe.  This guy also believes that abortion should be illegal except for extreme medical emergencies and pregnant victims of rape are not an emergency.

The fetus is the "ultimate victim" you see and should not be punished by termination when adoption was possible ... cos people are lining up to adopt rape babies. The DUP like the Catholic Church only respect the rights of the unborn, everyone else can go and fuck off.

Are the ruling party (The DUP) having a laugh or are they just showing off their endless supply of brain damaged haters? ... well they don't do humour so I guess they are bragging.

The two main parties the Protestant mouth breathers DUP and the Fenian cock suckers Sinn Fein  cannot agree on any thing and Northern Ireland's system has been greatly fucked up, like when the US congress was closed and no cheques got sent out.

Cuts have been made because of this, tourist attracting events have been cancelled, road and street light repair is getting done even less than before and the police just cut 300 jobs. I'm sure the 12th celebrations are still on though cos the DUP love that shit.

 Loyalists don't do respect so why should they get it?

The cost of policing the Twaddell protest camp that came from not being allowed to march in a Catholic area last 12th July has risen to £12 million. I don't know why the police don't forcefully move them away ... oh yeah cos they don't want to start any trouble.
 Jamie Bryson looks totally like this deformed dead lamb. 

I think that the British government has had enough with these bickering twats who have been in power since 1998 but have done fuck all but argue and run the place down. Then you have wee cunts like Jamie Bryson gloating about how they will bankrupt the police because of Twaddell .... are you really that stupid? did yer Ma have any children that lived?

The DUP are sash wearing bigots with an agenda of stupidity.

The organisers of all parades need to start paying their way, no more handouts. We need insurance and deposits paid. That £12 million needs to come out of the Orange Order's pocket since it's their protest camp, don't worry they are always getting lottery grants and handouts from various government departments ... it's as if they have connections . If they are really descended from the lost tribes of Israel I'm sure the Jews will help them out .... Jews run the world you know, even those anti- Israel protests were run by the Jews, a canny people that's for sure.  

The police have the power to charge for their services so why do some events get charged while others (Orange Order) don't? Does the NHS charge for having ambulances sitting around at parades waiting for some hungover old git to pass out cos they can't stand for more than 10 minutes? It's the local councils who lift the beer cans and trash and clear away the bonfire mess.   

Do I like paying taxes to subside the poorly behaved sectarian cunt bags? ... that would be a no.  

If the devolved government of Northern Ireland can't function then bring back direct rule from London, we've had it before and what we have now is in no way better ... except for the bombs and shootings which only happen the odd time now.

The DUP want to run the place into the ground in order for them to broker a better deal for themselves but their time has come and gone and soon there will be Fenian cock suckers running the show which is only better if they'd stop trying to be so fucking Irish all the time.  An angel cries every time a deluded shinner puts a fada onto their name.

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