Monday, 18 November 2013

Charity Begins Though It Shouldn't

Seems that Children in Need was on the telly last week. Old Knudsen was busy with his fellow witches having a blood letting ritual to revive a famous dead person's Ka and put it into Miley Cyrus as she is an open vessel.

 Miley is off with the wee folk.
Children in need and Comic relief is television designed to guilt you into giving them money, much like religion. A telethon to raise money filled with b-list celebs. 
Yes Children have needs but we must keep the dirty wee fuckers on the right path or before you know it they are seducing their teachers. 

So Children in Need took up 6 hours of taxpayer TV for a load of shite that included JLS and Doctor Who and raised £31m, they raised  £26m last year. Maybe it's just me but I suspect it is a VERY well off organization to work for with VERY good salaries.... just a suspicion I have.

Comic Relief's Red Nose Day in March raised  £75m..... they also had their night on the BBC because the BBC is all about charity, especially the children. 

  Cardinal Keith O'Brien delivering some children to Sir Jimmy Savile.

Sir Jimmy Savile did decades of charity work, bless his soul huh. The BBC have to pay out millions in costs for that wee scandal and it's us who pay it. We are suck suckers.

It's those with the least that give the most. 
The Queen or other multimillionaires can look good and give 5 grand but thats like us giving 50p. C'mon ya rich cunts thats only half a week of spa treatments.
We poor scum on the other hand have bedroom tax to pay (not Northern Ireland yet) not to mention  £145 a year in BBC license fee and for what? so they can squander it and guilt us into giving more? 
Old Knudsen doesn't watch much TV and the £145 for the honour of having the BBC is not justified. If they put on porn and zombies then Old Knudsen wouldn't complain but idiot reality shows, sport and 6 hours of charity giving ...... go fuck off!
I've told this to the BBC but they didn't reply and it's the law to have the license so until there is an opt out of the BBC we are shafted..... why does the government need a TV channel or dozens of shops selling TV merchandise? and why do they need us to fund it?    

Health Minister Edwin Poots on his children's work camp farm.

Why should we have a three year charity appeal to buy an MRI scanner for the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children ? The charity reached £2m and the government will kindly pay for operating costs, thats 3 years of waiting, why not just go onto the telly? 

The MRI machine won't be operational until next year.  Why the fuck should a charity have to get the money for something like this ?

Lets set some ground rules, I'll give you aid if you promise not to breed more starving Africans to feed cos it's just not working out. 

Then if you give to a charity and stupidly give them yer address they keep sending you begging letters packed full of glossy pics of abused donkeys  or dogs in a cage .... why not save the money that all these letters cost to send out and buy the CEO that Merc they wanted. 
Animal rights activist Sandra Lertzman killed herself and took 30 of her rescue dogs with her, you just don't know who you are helping out these days. Organizations like PETA put doon animals all the time but keep it quiet...... Charity is all about the moral high ground.   
So lets paint everything pink for breast cancer awareness .... as long as the Susan G. Komen foundation doesn't sue the other charities for using that colour ..... um, not very helpful, it's almost like it's a business and you want to be the best. What about the breasts and helping? 
A woman with breasts in case you didn't know what I was talking about ... be aware, the world needs more wares.... or be a douche bag yer pretty good at that.  
Will the paint used, cause cancer?  that would be total irony. I'm sick the fuck of people being taken for a ride, why do we have to give money to raise awareness of breast cancer? who the fuck isn't aware of the existence of breast cancer? 
Why do we have to pay for awareness? 

Even Osama Bin Laden knew about it, he was on the mailing list for the begging letters, thats how we found him. 

Celebs telling us who we should give our money to.

Make up yer fucking mind, I'm not a walking ATM.
Now yer taking the piss.

 Oh the guilt!

Ok we get it, you like to raise awareness for charities but do you 'really' know where the money goes to? We give aid to Africans only to feed the local warlords who take it..... Hey Oxfam how cum you yer CEO's get such big bonus' that kinda defeats the purpose. 
Oh yeah there is their business skill etc but should they earn so much?  Especially in a job that is based on charity, what would the giver on the street say if they knew their 50p went towards the CEO's yacht ? 

Charity begins at home, stop giving shit to foreigners and help yer own lot. The more you give to charity the less the government has to cough up, and they fucking well have it. Austerity my arse, lets cut hospitals and rest homes to save money.

The government should be providing MRI's and help for wounded veterans but why should they if a self serving charity will do it for them?  No need to have a children's hospital, I'm sure some charity will pay for it if we close it. 
The NHS has a campaign about mental health called Mind yer head it has a website but if you go to yer doctor you'll find there is fuck all help available, maybe some CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) for 6 weeks and then yer done. Aye to be told to go for a walk to get out of the house or to keep yerself busy by a disinterested therapist for 6 wks is a great help. 
If you need any further help they may refer you to a charity like the  WAVE Trauma Centre . Lovely people and for a £5 donation you can get a massage .... true story bro.     

We pay for the BBC and don't get what we want, we pay road tax on our vehicles and don't get pot-hole free roads so what makes you think you'll actually help the crying little gurl on the TV that some Christians want you to save? Jimmy Savile was a Christian ..... just saying. 
A line in the sand

I refuse to give through peer pressure, oh what a cunt you are for not giving, I shall burn holes in you with my eyes.
When Old Knudsen didn't give to a Religious charity the guy shouted after me, "God loves you anyway" go fuck off you guilt trip giving fucker.

If I do give to a charity it will be on my terms and not because society expects me to or that the Big Issue seller (who doesn't actually sell them cos who wants them?) steps into my path  or because wearing a poppy tells people what I think. Old Knudsen is sick of being run by misplaced guilt. The guilt should be on the government that doesn't provide the service. 
In foreign cuntries like India, travelers are advised not to give to child beggers in the street. Disabled beggers might have been disabled by a criminal gang and you are now giving them money so they might do some more harm to others.   
Following that rule then you shouldn't give to any charity cos who knows what goes on in the background? 

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