Monday, 7 October 2013

We Are Da Peeple!

It says a lot about a people who can't laugh at themselves.

Old Knudsen has always heard of how friendly people in Ireland are and how funny too ..... That would be the south bit of Ireland cos in the north of Ireland we don't do humour.  Are time are place ..... so get out! 

Ok some of us do humour but it's quite rare. 

Prominent members of the loyalist swinger community 

Living in Ulster with it's poor customer service, pish poor quality and lack of choice,  the take it or leave it attitude it's the only life you know, you've never known better. 
93% of Northern Ireland people have not lived outside of the province.

So I know why you are angry.
You think you deserve better than being a loyalist groundsheet or a be-sashed TV tough guy with a pot belly and forearm tattoos but you don't..... yer white trash and are proud of that for some reason.

 Devious 'weasel smile' and 'I can barely tolerate you' smile as seen by my lovely assistants.

Our faces aren't designed for smiling so we don't. Rather than choosing happy positive causes we choose to antagonize and cast the blame about the place rather than saying, "we should stop this, move on and lets bridge the sectarian divide and make sure the Troubles never happen again, for the sake of the future of Ulster." 

Most of you don't even know why you are doing what you are doing. It all boils doon to sectarianism, jealousy and fear.
Never mind that Belfast council voted to only fly the flag on designated days as per the Queen's household's rules. 
Think about this thought instead. On this one occasion Sinn Fein voted to fly the British flag. They could have demanded a complete removal of the flag but no, they compromised .... now don't you look like total cunts? 

Orangemen on the 12th July their most happiest of days ... as you can tell. 
 Sour faced old men with their beer bellied friends dressed up in EU funded costumes, walking around playing their panpipes as loud as they can, just like dogs pissing to mark their territory. 

 Maybe the marching season should be changed to the diet and jogging season.

The Orangemen and their bands don't like how the media portrays them as poorly educated louts all linked to the paramilitaries and out to cause trouble.

Where does the media get these ideas from?  Oh thats right it's no doubt lies because Sinn Fein runs everything, even the British media. Facebook has it's offices in Dublin ya know so it must be Taigbook right?

If Facebook is sooo taigy then why the fuck are you on it?

A little sense here people, you for some reason hate Catholics because Henry VIII and Elizabeth I told you to and there was a terrorist organisation that was from a Catholic background that killed British soldiers right? Yet still I see you on Facebook.

You love the Jews right? The Orange Order claim to be the lost tribe of the Levis or some daff shite. 

Ya know those people like Mel Gibson who say, "The Jews run everything" those people sound like paranoid nut fucks right? 
Well don't forget the Jewish terrorist groups of the late 40's that killed British soldiers, that would be the Irgun and the Stern gang, yer loving people that have more in common with the IRA than with you .... ya stupid fuckers.

I'm sorry this post has gone on and on but Old Knudsen is fed up with dickheads with low self-esteem so they have to take their anger out on others ' it's called projecting for you plebs'..... you weren't hugged as children because you were a dopey wee fucks even then. Yer mammy hated you and only tolerates you now because all her friends are dead.

No one likes it pointed out that they are stupid, full of hate bitter balls, this is yer shame but it's all you have ever known so you are going to go to yer grave hating .... another wasted life. 

You should thank people like myself and Loyalists Against Democracy  who constantly mock Prods and even the odd Taig who have difficulty spelling and making simple sentences that make sense in a sensey sense.

Fleggers type things like "we'll done" and "Hand's of our flag" they usually get their are and our confused and so just put are for everything ...... and English is supposed to be their first language. Whats their excuse? couldn't afford the FREE education?

The list of idiocy is endless, it's like they want to be made fun of so they give you non-stop material. 

Now we you can all say we are just doing these mistakes of Flegger-speak to be ironic... ach sure ya don't have to know what ironic means but whoever asks about yer poor grasp of the English language will know.

 This is how the world sees Loyalists.

Yer low self-esteem that comes from having been mistreated by yer man or not thought highly enough by yer peers also comes with a lack of dignity and no self-respect .... how can you be expected to respect others when you don't even respect yerself right? It's not yer fault it's a society that won't allow you to be who you really are right? .... grow a pair why don't you. 

Take responsibility for yer life and stop following the rest of the bitter afraid sheeple. Our leaders are not adult enough to run this place and when I say leaders that goes to everyone that gives these speeches calling for civil dis-obedience or others praising IRA bombers who got killed trying to kill people. 
All the little Hitlers with their microphones and bullhorns need to wise up, grow up and stop thinking about themselves and their bigoted tribe.

 Richard Haass tells Fleg jokes, "dream up a new"

For fucks sake we need Americans over to sort out our sectarian gang problem, how fucking embarrassing.
If you had any self-respect or dignity you'd be embarrassed too.
How many times are the Americans going to save us? Two world wars and counting.....

To finally end this rant, quit being hate filled wankers out to get those who are different than you or are better than you. If you pulled yer head out of yer hole and visited the real world with it's real problems you'd see how stupid all this crap is and if you do venture out of yer shire, don't hang about and drink with the kind of people back home, whats the fucking point to that?

Now that you've read this ..... fuck off!      


headmelter said...

Just can't believe they can't afford the free education.

Old Knudsen said...

Aye I think someone told them the price doubled.