Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sexy For Sunday

It must be Sunday, don't go to church, only pedos go to church, stay home, grab yerself a cup of tae and look at these hot consenting adults. Far better than children and don't break as easily..... hey fuck face! get yer arse off my counter top, now I'm gonna have to get the Dettol surface cleaner out.

Old Knudsen does indeed post pics of his former loves but it's not out of revenge, mostly just for bragging purposes.

If Old Knudsen changes the ways of one Christian pedo then his work is done, of course theres all those Muslim kiddie diddlers to convert too. Ach religion is just seething with sin, thats what happens when you try to suppress humanity's dark side rather than embracing but controlling it.

Please excuse the fuck out of me for this lewd pornography shot. I liked her face and respected the suction she was applying .... hey I blurred the cock so you wouldn't know what it was and so wouldn't be offended.
Old Knudsen has been referred to as a pervert quite often .... if they had a point why didn't they just make it?

Nothing as bad a sexy big yoke taking off her undies revealing layers of skid marks, takes more than that to put Old Knudsen off.

Weemen who exercise for fun have something missing up top. Old Knudsen steers away from the overly fit lasses as he likes a bit of cushion for the pushin. I would not turn it doon though, any port in a storm as yon pedo Bible says.

Arty shots can be nice.

But so can an amateur selfie. Old Knudsen knows what he likes and likes and shares what he knows.


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