Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bob Geldof Is A Cunt

Brenda Ann Spencer was the 16 year-old gurl who shot up The Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego in 1979. The Principle and the Custodian were killed, 8 children and a police officer wounded. A reporter was phoning houses nearby the school to see if anyone had and information, when he talked to Spencer she owned up to it giving the flippant excuse for the murders as "Because I don't like Mondays."

You hear all the time what a cunt Bono is but Bob Geldof gets pretty much a free ride. "Sir Bob" as the media calls him had a big hit with the song 'I don't like Mondays' about the Cleveland Elementary shooting, he was in the states as the news broke. Just think what kind of cunt you'd have to be to think, hmmm school shooting, makes me want to write a pop song, 'Oh I like Batman but I'm as mad as jam so I'll shoot you all dead, uh huh oh yeah baby' ..... pretty cuntish huh?  What rhymes with Sandy Hook? .... got my point?

The song was banned from a few US stations out of respect and didn't break America but became a major hit in the UK.
Bob with his Boomtown rats had a couple of other hits in the UK and Ireland but nothing compared to I don't like Mondays ..... So he got rich and famous from a tragedy.

Fast forward to 1984.

Bob had already faded as a star and so I guessed decided to save the world instead since all he was doing was drugs, drinking and shagging Paula Yates.

 Let me lead you out of starvation with pop music.
The latest story about Geldof being a passenger on a space plane annoyed me, Then there was the tax dodging and then there was that time he charged $100,000 to go to Melbourne to give a talk on world poverty. Does Bob live in poverty? Like fuck he does.  

Here is Bob's house in Kent, just one of his homes. 

Now for the truth. Ya know what Live Aid and Band Aid did besides make shite songs? they fed Africans long enough so they could make more Africans .... not a popular truth but a truth none the less.
Africa is in a worse state since Sir Bob begged for money on yer telly during the 80's. 

Dr Livingstone in the 1800's described Africa as  "this open sore of the world" the prayer he brought there obviously did fuck all good.

Bob Geldof got famous off the back of a slaughter (the same as Bono) and then became very rich from his humanitarian work, TV production and promotional speaking, hes worth well over £51 million, not bad for having one big hit in 1979. 

 It's a rat trap baby!
So Bob, hows that African thing going, still feeding the world? .... "feck the world I'll fecking loaded, I wipe my arse with Africans."

The life of the Africans didn't improve but his sure did. 


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