Monday, 27 August 2012

We Need Aldo

On Saturday the big hard men of the loyalist bands marched in front of St Patrick's church (again) playing their wee tunes to remind the Catholics that they are still third class citizens (weemen are second) even though the government set up parades commission told them to show respect and just tap a single beat as they passed by they did as they pleased because the police here are useless.

The big tough men with their beer bellies barely held into their pseudo military uniforms showed the usual lack of respect for the Catholic side and this is tolerated by the authorities because they don't want any trouble.

There was trouble of course. Why are we fighting? Because we're too stupid to do anything else. The poor police, they start to tear up if people say a bad word to them. "Now now lads lets discuss this is an adult and rational way."  Fat shaven headed white guys in tracksuits, probably with think gold chains when they aren't literally kicking arse like this grandad .

Ya know why so many Norn Iron people can get away with dressing like wiggers? because there are no black people to stare at them with a 'what the fuck?' look on their faces.

When I hear the words 'pussy riot' I think of this, what a load of pussies on both sides they make me sick. Why aren't we firing off rubber bullets? ya aim for the ground in front of them and they bounce into the crowd hopefully taking out a few knees and testicles. If they kill someone then yay thats natural selection right there.

Of course the bands aren't fighting. They did their part and bravely left the rest to fight. They may change clothes and head doon afterwards to start trouble a new but the fight will be out of most of the protesters by then ........ big men.

Now look at this. Boy does this make Old Knudsen angry.

So these big men or bullies as I call them play their bigoted tunes for the second time in front of a Catholic church  that was sitting there doing nothing. Now they call for the parades commission to be abolished because its anti - Protestant.
I haven't seen the culture or race-card getting played so much since leaving America. There are so many parallels Northern Ireland has with the black and redneck cultures of the US.

Typical abusers who play their games then blame others saying that they are the victim. Both sides need to stop their current behaviour of shitting on each other if they can't then they need to fuck off to somewhere that wants them ....... or just kill themselves.

"Ya  see, we don't like it when they take off their band uniforms or sashs.  We like our bigots in uniform. That way we can spot 'em just like that. We're gonna give you a little something you can't take off."  

So much you could carve into the heads of wankers over here but they would see it as a thing of pride, they ain't too bright.