Sunday, 12 August 2012

Thor Spot For Chris

Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor was at the London Olympics with his Spanish wife watching Spain perform in the semi-finals of Assgrab.

As they concentrated on the game they were being observed by a slack jawed inbred no chinned yokel with action heroes on his single celled mind. 

I hate you Thor with your large muscles and charming smile, I could very easily reach out my hand and snap your pretty wive's neck without you knowing and then I would comfort you and you'd love me never knowing my secret and we'd be best friends and hang out ha haha ha ha.

And then the puppy looked out from under the coat and made this darling little squeak ..... Oh Chris you are so perfect.  

Very funny you puny god. I bet you didn't have to get your sister drunk before you touched your first woman tit. 
If I knew the secret of breathing through my nose I bet I'd have more Facebook friends than just my ma. Tony Stark would friend me just like that.

If I had super powers I'd use them to take over your body and I'd go over to becky's house and make her have sex with me then I'd dump her and say, "thats for not going out with Cletus! and she'd be all huh?"

Don't look around but that creepy kid has been staring at me all through the game.

I'm using my mind powers so you dump that bitch. When you leave the game I will lick and sniff your chair and you'll never know.