Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Canada Must Be Destroyed Eh!

You only think that Canada is a cuntry full of polite friendly people with an old timey quirkiness to them but no.  It only appears to be polite and respectful in order to make America (its ancient enemy) look bad. Canada is the passive aggressive capital of the world.

Nine out of ten Canadian Facebook users have admitted that they only click 'like' on friends posts and comments in a sarcastic way letting their friends think that they actually like the comments but are really mocking them.

The president of Canada Justin Bieber was being interviewed for a magazine and wondered in a seemingly innocent way why Prince William puts up with his thinning hair as there are things to prevent that nowadays.

To quote Mr Bieber  "You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?"
Propecia may be used to treat male pattern baldness its side effects can include erectile dysfunction, anxiety and depression and has a possible link to male breast cancer.

And that is why he is president!

A throwaway comment that probably made Prince William glance at his hair, that made Brits angry that Bieber dared to say something about their beloved prince, that made a lot of balding men go to their GP and now they are going to die of willy droop.

You sir are a master troll.

Just yer very existence annoys most people, yer singing has been scientifically altered to hit the notes and beats that subconsciously annoy the human brain like the way the colour red makes people angry yer music is the colour red of sound.

They may be from North America but they ain't American, they play ice hockey say eh! at the end of everthing just to aggravate you and eat something called poutine which is french fries covered in baby blood and moose feces served up with mayonnaise of course.

The next time a Canadian holds the door open for you just remember hes doing it to imply that you are too useless and weak to open it.
The next time a Canadian shakes yer hand remember they are laughing at you because they probably didn't wash after having a shite now yer infected.

"Since you didn't mention the fact that you've put on a few LBS I just want to say that I think your ass looks better when its all chubby and lumpy like that, hey wanna go to Burger King for lunch?"

Hot Canadian weemen spread on the centre spread and then say how they are more into chicks than men just to fuck with yer head.

Canadians are part demon and can summon the beasts from the sea. Only recently did Bieber have this dolphin swim up and doon lough Ness pretending to be the Lough Ness monster...... just to fuck with yer heed.   

The hair the finger signs and the soft plump lips all say one thing, "punch me in the junk."

"Hey Old Knudsen I really like your blog I read it every day, it makes me laugh so much and you are so talented and interesting that you should really be a writer."

Cunts! the lot of them.