Thursday, 1 September 2016

Who Killed SEAL Team Six?

August 2011 a U.S. helicopter, call sign Extortion 17 was touching down in the Tangi valley in Afghanistan. On board were some of the most qualified US military personnel there were. 17 members of SEAL team 6, five naval special warfare operators and another for handling Bart the war dog, 5 Army flight crewmen, including a National Guard and an Army Reserve pilot, 3 Air Force personnel, 7 Afghan soldiers and an Afghan interpreter with his rug. 

It was in the wee hours of the morning when the CH-47 Chinook started to land at the LZ. The immediate reaction force (IRF) was being deployed to help US Rangers capture fleeing Tallyban .... they've never before been used for such a low level mission.

Investigators say the Rangers were not in need of any help. 


For 3 hours two Apache helicopters and a C-130 gunship had been buzzing over head looking for enemy squirters known to civvies as fleeing fighters.
The Tangi valley has always been difficult to hold and with such activity over it would show that something is going on in that part.

A Chinook is a big, noisy and slow moving helicopter. Why was it sent to a hot LZ without an Apache helicopter escort? Also why was the LZ not looked at for squirters. Is it true that the 7 Afghan troops were replaced at the last moment as some have claimed?

Was there a leak or was it incompetence and strange bad luck? The LZ is ALWAYS checked out prior to landing.

On the LZ were 2 squirters with grenade launchers standing on a mud-brick turret 150 yards within range of the landing Chinook.

Marky Mark was never and has never been a SEAL by the way.

Known as the worse loss of American lives in a single incident in the Afghanistan campaign. 38 dead and a dog. RIP Bart.

The Obama administration is violating a judge’s order to turn over documents under the Freedom of information act. Nearly 5 years and the government is blocking information of dead loved ones on gold star families.  Just 3 months before the crash SEAL team 6 members killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


A report says a single shot took the helicopter down but gives no information on whether the Afghans knew anything or not. 50 pages of information has been deemed irrelevant and only one has been turned over to the public.
Is deeming papers "irrelevant" like saying there were no e-mails "marked" classified? The Pentagon says that no mistakes were made though testimonies in the report say the mission was riddled with mistakes.

SEAL team 6 are one of the few military units allowed by the US to shoot to kill on sight. There have been numerous reports that say too many civilians have been killed by them. Was this non-mistake made out of political correctness or that these silent professionals have been anything but silent and professional, writing books about their exploits?   

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