Thursday, 8 September 2016

Scared New World

So it's 2090, the world's population hit 12 billion and that was already with the prison culls and single baby families.
There aren't very much natural resources left, people are living for longer, they aren't very healthy but they are old. You can defy aging with organ transplants and cosmetic surgery which has cum a long way. Kirk Douglas has started making movies again for fucks sake. 

Looks 30 but is really 80 .... hawt or what? 

We had West Nile, Zika, Tika, Sudden Death Virus and Obula which is like Ebola but way worse. The US president Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky led the world in the revolutionary method to control help the people. 

If you have a job that makes under $40 grand a year then you are given the choice to be uploaded and Interfaced. If you make less than $30 grand then the choice is less um choicey. You can be put into storage or go with food.

Join the real world. Music, movies and social interaction are becoming cyberised so in Real World you can be yourself or how you want yourself to be. 

Want a perfect life full of perfect selfies? Want to show pictures of yer dinner but not the 12 bags of M&M's and 6 tubes of pringles?  You can have a cat that is cute and vine worthy instead of a cunt that smells and walks over yer keyboard. 

Real World is the new real life. There is news and events happening, everyone are famous non-celebs like Youtube celebs today. You can interact with famous dead celebs like Marlyn Munroe, Kim Kardashian or even the moody and sulky Curt Cobain as their estates have sold their rights to Real World and their images digitally upload. 

We don't need sets and actors, it's all done by computer now. 

'I just fingered Amy Winehouse up the duck pond, lol' .... User: DJ_CrazyAss456      

 In Real World Bruce Willis is still alive and has hair.

Of course the famous people that are dead are solely for entertainment purposes, there are lots of "real" people in Real World and real people have issues and problems. That's where Old Knudsen cums in. I make $48 grand a year but have decided to continue working. If the world trade alliance starts regulating body parts as it threatens to I may have to be uploaded and Interfaced if I lose my job. 

I get a temporary upload to Real World and help people with technical or other issues they may be having. I'm like a help desk. The other day I had to block an ex boyfriend of a lass as he kept looking at her wall, door and virtual underwear drawer. Now they pass each other in the street and don't even notice. 

I log in then go back to reality. Sure the food is synthetic and and you have to wear a oxygen mask but it's reality and I wouldn't want some fake werld full of fake people. Loads of white people in Real World as that is the most popular skin, probably because in reality not many white kids are born now. Having a white skin in Real World is going retro. 

I love my life in reality. I live in a nice hoose and have a dog that does the most funny things. I shag different chicks all the time and none of them mind the open relationship status. I think they just love my huge cock. 

You should see my dinners, they are tremendous, the best ever! When I'm not at werk, shagging tarts and laughing at Bruno me black lab that can walk on his back legs then I'm usually at the gym. I love the gym but not as much as telling people that I've been there. I take 3 holidays a year and might start collecting vintage cars ... who knows? 

The future is a wonderful place with all those people put into storage. Don't worry they volunteered. In 2016 it would be thought of as crazy to sign up with yer real name and phone number etc and then post all yer life details and photos for cybernet companies to use as they please but in the future it's fine. 

I do feel sorry for those sad fuckers that get uploaded, most forget it isn't real and take it way too seriously. I'm happy with my real, real world. My boss says I'm his best employee and that everyone loves me. He even suggested that I run for President of the universe .... seriously, me. 

Well I got to go and do some cross fitness sets and then have lunch with Virginia Mayo and Kate Upton, there may even be a threesome later. Why would I give up that for some fake made up life in cyber space? 

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