Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Mexico Agrees To Build Border Wall

After telling Donald Trump there was no way they would build a border wall on the US/Mexican border the Mexican government has changed its mind.

They will build a wall in order to control immigration but with some major conditions.

There will be tunnels built into the wall for fast track access. These tunnels will be guarded of course so no illegal Americans come sneaking in to take good Mexican jobs or to rape Mexican weemen.

Mexico gets about $23 billion a year from workers in the US who send money back to their families. Nigeria gets sent $19.9bn, Philippines $22.9bn, China $60.7bn and India $61.8bn.

Even Germany gets sent $12.9bn and France gets $18.9bn .... immigration legal or otherwise is good business. You may not know who is in yer cuntry but at least the banks know how much money is being sent abroad.

They also want access ramps too for when the drugs and guns are too heavy or when bringing stolen children back over. The Mexican government don't want to have to bother the over worked US checkpoint agents as Americans tend to do a lot of fucken whining.  
Let Mexico guard the wall and checkpoints, they'll make sure no undesirables get past them. 

So Mexico will build a wall, not the best of walls but the tunnels will be tremendous. As long as Mexico still gets its $23 billion a year they don't care.

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