Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Gamers Shouldn't Get Out More

Game designers and gamers have always been respectful of women. Sure there are games where you can get lap dances, hookers, kill and beat up scantily clad women ..... oops kinda lost my point there.

Anyways if gamers didn't love women they wouldn't feature them in the games. Statistics show that 94% of gamers will only personally know around 3 women in their lives and usually they are all family members. You don't want these weird awkward kids growing up completely devoid of hot chick interaction, most of these losers    gamers won't even leave their wanking den bedrooms in order to face rejection from a real woman.

They will never feel the wonder of having their heart ripped out by someone that only smiled at you to be polite and actually took offense to you following her to her house on Tate's Ave ... fucken teasing bitch. 

   A typical loser socially awkward gamer type. 

In order to help young gamer dudes meet girls safely as there are silly laws against abduction, one of the attractions at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 was a virtual reality girl. 

What did they expect, have a conversation? 

There was some problems though as well it's Tokyo where shaming females is acceptable. The dolls shown sent out the wrong signals and looked like they were "asking for it" as per what some judges say to women who are raped. Yeah, keep yer knees together so you won't get raped by the stronger over powering male you slut! 

Why won't this bitch kneel down and suck my virtual cock?  

The Japanese developers of the VR girl,  M2 Co didn't take into account just how sad gamers actually were. Assdestroyer666 and Spunkinjecter69 had to be escorted out of the show. The Japs do porno cartoons of big headed school girls in mini skirts for fucks sake and blokes can actually wank to that ... I don't get it. 

This is why 2 nukes weren't enough. 

Cloud Atlas was a book it seems, aye with werds an shit. Like always Old Knudsen waits for the movie so he doesn't behave like one of those cunts that complains it's nothing like the book or how they imagined it in their heads. 
I hear Outlander is fairly close to the books, Lord of the rings was exactly like the books, I never thought they'd make a movie out of that as they didn't even make a second animated version back in the day. The books and the movies were quite a slog. Like the Titanic center in Belfast you only really want to do that once.

Lucky I have oldtimers disease and my memory isn't that good so when I watch American Gods I doubt I'll remember I was dumb enough to waste time reading when I could have been doing more hate crimes or shop lifting. 

The clone bit in Cloud Atlas is how the Japs treat women today. Females are undervalued in other Asian cuntries as they are in the Middle East and here in the west but in Japan sexual assault can be an everyday part of life. Even a western Youtuber went to Japan to take advantage of this. Hey the girls smiled and giggled after I touched them, they were obviously into it.     

Yeah and people that smile when talking about a spree shooting are not emotional torn and exhausted, they are obviously crisis actors. 

At the game show they had to spell it out. No means no! Sure you may do this to actual females on the tube or other crowded places but this doll has rights and feelings damn it .... also her boobs are hard plastic. 

In this world people confuse what happens on their phones or computers as being real life. The people shown aren't really people but better versions of themselves and so of course this spills over to the actual real world. 
If you troll on the Internet yer probably a dick with very little respect for others in real life. People also confuse what I do and say as trolling but when was being honest a bad thing? They just don't like being called on their shit. Blunt rhymes with cunt.

If these gamers see females as toys to be used and do this for 8 hours a day with no one holding them accountable that is a form of brainwashing. Like how violence gets blamed on video games it is to a point. It validates and makes bad behaviour more acceptable. 

It's a downward spiral with no one thing to blame. Violent video games for children, violent movies for children, violent toys for children, reality show star politicians telling you to embrace the hatred, world leaders quick to make never ending wars wars but not peace and media outlets with their spin ... it all adds up. 

The world needs equality, boundaries, empathy and standards. We're too jaded, ready to see the negative and not to believe the positive. Even if you don't feel like everyone is equal or shouldn't be understood and respected just act like it for fucks sake unless they are a pedo or other type of cunt of course and pretend yer a decent human for once.  


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