Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Why Is The UK Bombing Syria?

Do you know where ISIS are?

Like every great leader, David Cameron has bled on the battlefield fighting to keep his nation safe. I don't want to hear a bad werd said against him, he's done 2 tours of Tuscany, 2 in Portugal and he's returning there next month. Mr Cameron has seen some shit, some gnarly soldier shit with peanuts and corn.
He's been awarded the Medal of Velour and the Victoria Secret for bravery in the face of insurmountable odds and was fatally wounded twice ... he got better, thank you NHS. Unlike Senator John McCain he wasn't stupid enough to get captured because real heroes run fast.

So when he vows to team up with the US and step up action in Syria to beat the "scourge" known as  ISIS, well I say, "look out ISIS cos you're your yer fucked".   

Hold on, wha? Syria? Who the fuck wants to go into Syria? In 2013 MP's voted against attacking targets in Syria. 

He says that only the US have bombed as many people in Iraq as the UK have but I guess he wants to bomb more interesting ones. Maybe those assholes that keep running off to join ISIS, aye they need a good bombing .... stupid cunts.
Since the war in Iraq is more or less won .... well except that 200 killed in a car bomb near Baghdad and the fact they own half the Anbar Province including Falluja and Ramadi, apart from that it's just about won.  

Ronald Reagan (left) also fought in the war when he wasn't selling weapons to Iran. 

It's almost as if they can't beat ISIS in one place so lets go and bomb Assad's ISIS' oil refineries instead. When did we suddenly go back to being the US lapdog? Did the Saudis give up and concentrated on bombing Yemen instead? 

I've always said that only lawrence .... Jennifer lawrence can unite the Arabs. 

Cameron who wants to cut the British army to a mere 50,000 which is as big an army that we had when the Americans beat us. The cunt is using the tourist shooting at Tunisia to justify going after ISIS .... now the 'Come to Tunisa' commercials all make sense. They just leave off the tag line, 'Come to Tunisia, we're waiting to shoot you.'  Like Bush with 9/11

It wouldn't surprise me if the US and the UK nudged Daesh into attacking Tunisia AGAIN this year but this time to get the right kind of tourist, British.

He said, "The Great British resolve faced down Hitler, defeated communism and saw off the IRA's assault on our way of life".    

 Captain America beating up Hitler.

Yes we faced down Hitler and cunningly let the Americans and the Russians defeat him. We defeated communism by making the US make cheesy action movies that made the commies all want to be westernised ..... yes, we are that clever. We saw off the IRA by giving them well paying jobs and positions of power .... in yer face Fenian cocksuckers, you fell for it, and you get yer expenses paid too. 

Churchill talked up the English superiority complex, just a weak version of what the master race was dishing out. He'd tell us how we were losing but make it sound noble because we were doing it with dignity, he was a right sneaky bugger. 

There is a new offensive going on in Iraq right now. Forces want to cut off supply lines from Turkey that go to Raqqa. I just think it's fucking amazing how we ended up in Syria. "Yeah I know we did that whole democracy thing but I just did what I wanted and the RAF are bombing Syria, I'm off on me hols to Portugal, latters."   

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