Wednesday, 24 June 2015

No Excuses

My hair needs breathing room.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump pays actors $50 cash to go to his public outings and hold signs, (many fake home made ones) wear cheap t-shirts and clap and cheer for him. He denies this but social media and all the out of work actors at his gigs say otherwise.

Not even in the White House and he's creating jobs ... what a guy.

I can't take Trump seriously, maybe it's the comb over or maybe it was his call to march on Washington. (that was quickly deleted) He still believes that Obama was born in Kenya and that the public needs to hear what he has to say.

Maybe he's just for comic relief. He courted the large and powerful Hispanic vote by saying that the immigrants coming over the border were not the best that Mexico had to offer and that they were rapists and drug dealers .... treat em mean, keep em keen huh. Go on about lazy blacks to get that vote why don't you.  

According to polls he is the most disliked political candidate in 30 years, he doesn't really think he'll win, he just wants to hear himself speak, it's like this blog. Do I care if anyone reads it? ... History shall be my judge.

Well done on promoting xenophobia and racism, that is just what America needs right now. 

A true politician never says what he thinks, they lie and evade all questions. When Jeb Bush was asked if he thought the shooting of 9 black people in South Carolina by a white guy was racially motivated he said that he didn't know. 

That's his voter base, you can't call them on being racist cunts. Yeah it was a tough call to figure it out without knowing all the facts ..... NOT! 
It was reported early on that Dylann Roof said, "You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country" so I think that is pretty much racially motivated but I'm not running for office. 

 The patriotic Roof family home.

Racists and bigots of any kind are not that deep and do not possess cognitive complexity. They are knee jerk people who cast blame instead of understanding. My life is shit, the gurl I fancy dated a black guy, I'm skinny, twisted and on drugs .... must be the black's fault.

Hispanics are the second largest demographic in the US and that is followed by Asian so how the fuck are blacks taking over?   
 He's not a patriot and he certainly doesn't werk out. 

It doesn't matter that his stepdad beat his mom or he is a tweaker with no friends because that shit does not make you take a .45 Glock with laser sighting into a church full of black people and kill 9 of them while they study scripture. 
Just like how society didn't make Russell Brand become a junkie ... he did that himself. 

The KKK version of the Red Hand of Ulster flag. 

Having a shit life doesn't make it ok to be a dick. It's easy to become a dick if raised by dicks when all you see and hear is hatred against who ever. That is why we have Fleggers who hate Catholics in Northern Ireland because they were raised to hate and maybe they don't have the cognitive complexity or the self awareness to make up their own minds about things based on experience, reason and logic. 

It's easy to throw Jews into ovens if all you hear is how evil they are. It takes effort to fight that and see them as normal people who love, laugh and hurt.   

I must admit I'd like to slap that surly look off his face but I used experience, reason and logic to come up with that conclusion. He reminds me a little of all the other young men who go on shooting sprees who pose and had an agenda based on rejection and fear. 

Divided communities and a lack of diversity causes racism and hatred, that Confederate flag is a symbol of that hatred. Still, no excuses in the world can justify Dylann Roof's actions in that church. 

Enough with the 'how come white people don't get called terrorist' crap, go look at the IRA. We need leaders who unite not divide and cast blame and not evade the issue because that is how we got to this point in the first place.   

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