Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Another Marching Season Of Joy

Baton twirler and UVF/Lemur butt monkey boy Jamie Bryson.

It's good to see Jamie Bryson applying himself to something that doesn't require giving an opinion. The wanna be politician who doesn't have any answers but at least knows what he doesn't like was out in his pseudo military band costume to march in celebration of the Pagan festival of Easter ... Gawd was not amused. 
Let me guess yon forever bag there contains the beer or bottle of beat the wife otherwise known as Bandsman courage.  

Look at the smile on that lanyard's face, bandsmen give dirty looks not grins. 

The Belfast Telegraph was keen to show all the fat miserable looking bandsmen and wee liddle Jamie enjoying getting his picture taken, nothing gives Jamie joy like having a camera pointed at him. It makes him feel all impotent like.

At this point Dr S. Knudsen concludes that Jamie was raised being told that he was never good enough and strove to seek the approval of others and was probably bullied ... or should have been. He needs lots of hugs and reassurances and to man the fuck up you little loser. 

Being too young for the Troubles and only being a child when the peace agreement was signed, sauntering about in a funky ass costume is all that he can do ... since he doesn't have the balls to join the actual military, just like all those other pseudo tough guys who prefer to have gangs and numbers on their side. 
Old Knudsen knows the type, on their own they'll act tough with their voices shrieking in excited fear and will walk off muttering about how you should watch yerself then after a few drinks for courage they enlist a few friends and return to threaten you more but if you aren't there and it's dark they may bravely vandalize something before running away .... it's the Northern Ireland way. No honor no guts and no police to stop them. (Northern Ireland police don't like confrontation)   

It does annoy Old Knudsen that they hi-jack the memory of brave men and women who actually went to war , they talked the talk then walked the walk, these cunts today only walk and mouth off. Old Knudsen served and went to war so he can say fuck all you pretend friends to soldiers, they only like dead soldiers anyways. Someone's memory to utilize as a moral high ground tool. 

Nothing says respect for the war dead like cake does.

The Easter parade went off without any trouble, the Parades commission was paying attention and would impose sanctions on the bands if they broke any of the rules laid out. However when the bands reached the point where the restrictions didn't apply they bravely played their sectarian tunes relating to the potato famine .... which is funny considering that their descendants no doubt suffered to some extant during that time and were 100% Irish since Northern Ireland was not British then, so they are pissing on their own family. Well done morons.      

Doesn't wee Jamie look so proud during 'his' parade? The Ulster Protestants say they don't like Americans because a few in Boston sent money to the IRA but try their hardest to be American and I don't just mean with their lame Hollister clothes and the American quotes, tunes and soundbites they use. MLK jr quotes on UVF murals, Sloop John B, These colours never run and Red river valley etc etc.

    American baton twirlers .... which are usually gurls.

I would have thought that Jamie would have played the skin flute but I'm sure he is good at baton twirling .... I'm sure he knows his way around a hard shaft of wood, I bet he handles the shaft with skill. I bet he polishes the end nicely before coming out er I mean going out. 

The useless ones in the band ... I'm sure it's a great honor. Some of those lads have fine child bearing hips.

Jamie can smell a camera at 40 paces, you can just sense his excitement as he tries to stand out as the best stick walker. Eyes front you little turd. I wonder if he suggested re-naming his band of mall cop looking twats to the Jamie Bryson appreciation boy band. 

Like I said they are so American. Attention hoors claiming that their people are the victim no matter what the scenario and blaming someone else. 'We are poorly educated because of whitey and slavery' .... 'We are poorly educated because of Sinn Fein/IRA who chip away at our culture.'   

After a few hundred years any reasons or issues should not have any influence on the events of today, c'mon people pull yer heads out of yer arse. This is as bad as saying that an imaginary sand savage 2000 years ago had a problem with gheys getting married.  Also yer education is free for fucks sake, only you are are preventing yerself from learning.

 The Catholics with their costumes and peace lily badges ... dumb da dumb da dumb!

Yet another Silly Season    Marching Season is upon us, the same old regurgitated crap every year. The Prods defiantly breaking the laws of Her Majesty the Queen ... in the name of Loyalism (I did say they were stupid right?) while claiming to be victims because the police won't let them bully Catholics.
The Fenians having their own parades with sun glasses and shots fired while the police stand to the side cos they might get hurt if they get involved. 

Both sides need to die ... it's as simple as that if we want peace.  

 Easter parade in New York.

Sure some Americans were dumb enough to fund the IRA and Gerry Adams from Sinn Fein may go there for fund raisers playing the romantic Irish heritage angle but most Americans think it's all Ireland anyways and that IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. One thing you can say about the Yanks though, when they parade it's fun and a family event, you actually see people smiling too.

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