Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Post Full Of Dicks

So the DUP defeated yet another proposal to bring same sex marriage to Northern Ireland. The DUP have a history of hating queers be they leezers or turd pushers and just recently Jim Wells the health minister resigned after he just couldn't stop condemning gheys ... He used his sick wife as an excuse to leave.
So wells said that children in a homosexual household were more likely to be abused and told a couple of lesbian would be DUP voters that he and his party didn't agree with their lifestyle .... so can we count on yer vote anyway before you burn in Hell?

Was he surprised that he got a nasty worded backlash from the Internet? Well stop being a cunt and then you won't, a sick wife isn't an excuse to be a dick and an Internet backlash doesn't make you the poor victim.
The DUP leader Peter Robinson (with the old lady face) has said that his party believe that marriage is between a man and a woman .... and of course sometimes between a man, woman and that woman's toy boy lover as is the case with Mrs Robinson, Heaven holds a place for those not ghey, hey hey hey.

 L-R Trevor Lunn, Judith Cochrane and Kieran McCarthy Alliance homophobes.

The Alliance party voted for same sex marriage .... except three of their members. They had previously voted against but this time abstained. The Alliance party just had an article in the Belfast Telegraph on how they respected and welcomed everyone, well until the voting that is.

Old Knudsen would like these three to fuck off and die and advises you not to vote for them, go Green or even cock sucking Sinn Fein for fucks sake. Don't they understand that this is about equality, not about if they hates gheys or use the Bible to oppress them. The Troubles occurred because of a lack of equality and every time we deny it to others we're holding our progress back. Their votes would have made a difference. Feel free to write to them or to David Ford the Alliance party leader and tell him to control his members as this flip flopping free vote thing they have going on is losing voters. Man up Alliance and dump yer wankers.  

The Governor of Maine Paul Lepage likes to screw over the voter with his tax breaks for the rich, poor job creation and then complain about them because they are poor. He has said that the 32,000 unemployed Mainers are too lazy to look for work because they are busy getting high.

Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France 7 times while high on the crack has set a standard few can live up to.  

There is an attack on the poor who are getting government assistance on the SNAP program, politicians have been calling for any junk food not to be allowed to be sold to these people and certainly not steak or fish because that should be out of their budget... oh and lets do drug tests before we give them assistance. 

Lepage is calling for no prepared foods to be sold either on Foodstamps assistance. The average amount of help is $125 per person per month, which works out to about $1.40 per person per meal but considering the real cost of food it never lasts a month.

Many people who are working receive foodstamps because they get a shitty wage. 47 million Americans depend on food stamps, half of them are children and a quarter of them are seniors. The spouses of many active military members requesting food help has risen dramatically in the past couple of years .... are these lazy stoners?

Dicks like Lepage wants busy poor and often disabled people to make up their own spaghetti sauces and pickle their own dills like the rest of us do and if you want meat don't be going to the deli, eat it from cans like poor people should. Tinned cat food has all the necessary health requirements that the poor deserve.
There is no shame in being poor or needing help, maybe those trying to shame the poor are just distracting because they are not doing their job well enough to create employment or training. The old, poor and sick have always been an easy target for bullies.  

Even the beautiful people can be dicks.

Sean Jefferson, aged 45 and Elizabeth Jowitt, aged 37 go around cemeteries in York and steal wreaths, lanterns, memorial slates, homemade toys and other trinkets to decorate their home with. I'm sure it looks lovely, how dare you judge.

They pleaded guilty in court and received a  curfew and a restraining order from cemeteries in York.

Finding out that someone took sentimental stuff from yer child's grave to decorate their flat with didn't go down too well and neither did the lack of prison time .... but that's the soft as shite UK for you.
May this couple get all they deserve in life ..... and make overs STAT! 

Someone doesn't think that Manchester council fix the potholes in the roads fast enough and have taken to drawing cocks around them.   The city spokesperson said:
“Has this person, for just one second, considered how families with young children must feel when they are confronted with these obscene symbols as they walk to school? Not only is this vandalism, but it’s also counter-productive,” the spokesman said. “Every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes.”
 Good enough for council work.

Maybe the young families don't want their fucking axles and suspension broken in big fuck off holes in the road as they drive to school and those walking don't want to be hit by a swerving car or one that loses control because it hit a fucking big pothole ..... you had one job to do, just fix the fucking roads, we pay enough road tax so what is yer problem? 

Well it doesn't look like the graffiti bothered them too much since we can still see it and those road fixes, seriously? A bit of rain will have that back to a hole within a week. Maybe if you resurfaced and maintained the roads you'd save money on half arsed repairs that you can barely do. 

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