Saturday, 24 January 2015

Page 3 Troll

 Samantha Fox started on page 3 aged 16 in 1983.

The Sun newspaper did the ultimate troll this week in order to get publicity and make tit puns. Sources told other papers that the Sun's 44 year tradition of putting topless weemen on page 3 would come to an end.
Sun owner  Rupert Murdoch said, "Brit feminists bang on forever about page 3. I bet never buy paper." 

It's out there infecting the population with stupidity, why buy it we know what it's like?  

Thousands have fought against page 3 for years and must have felt like they had won .... however the Sun itself didn't say they'd stop it and posted tit pics in their paper again.

Samantha Fox started posing aged 16 in 1983, the headline was 'Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels' she became famous for getting her huge baps out and then later as a one hit wonder pop star.
Having a topless 16 year-old girl in a daily newspaper that anyone could buy does seem kinda creepy looking back on it but it was the 80's, being sexist and racist was the norm. Now the age limit for topless pics is 18 ... it only got changed in 2003, well done UK.

 Linsey Dawn McKenzie and the twins. 

There were other 16 year-old gurls and males all across the nation followed the paper as it counted down to a young girl's birthday so she could legally get her tits out. Linsey Dawn McKenzie was one such gurl who ended up on page 3, The Sunday Sport and The Daily Star ... she went on to do porn, bless her heart.

Other Page 3 gurls did some soft porn stuff but minge was usually kept hidden in the daily papers ... for decency sake ya know.

Linda Lusardi was one of the most famous and popular of the page 3 models. It is odd that a chick with her jebs hanging out in a newspaper could be a hoosehold name in the UK. To some they were prized on the kind of level that Princess Di was .
Old Knudsen's parents got the Sun paper and watching them sit and read the articles down the side of a mostly naked woman was just ... surreal.

Quite often they included some information about the model. 'Sizzling Suzy, 19 likes to get some fresh air around her handle bars with a healthy bicycle ride, she also wants to bring back hanging and put unemployed people into work camps.' 

Kathy Lloyd

Kathy Lloyd , Maria Whittaker, Corinne Russell and Keeley Hazell all became famous for having tits. Ginger spice was on page 3 before she got pop fame and other models went on to appear in soaps and reality shows, the most popular ones marrying footballers of course. 

Suzanne Mizzi

If weemen want to get paid for showing their tits then why not, it's to do with choice is it not? Maybe not on a daily newspaper though .
The Sun also had page 7 fellas which didn't feature as much so I guess they were being sexist yet being a driving force for equality .... or not.  

One gurl 'Tula' had been a Bond gurl and then the News of the World (another tabloid rag) outed her as having been born a male.  

Not too many black chicks on page 3 and in the 90's they seemed to become all blondes with small fake boobs or grotesquely altered and tanned hags with too much make up, hoosehold names for being train wreaks. 

To Old Knudsen they stopped being even mildly attractive decades ago. It went from attractive and natural to blah and fake as the media dictated the standards of beauty.

This feature should be done away with as it is only popular with the lower class twats who complain about those Moosalims. At a time when the Interwebs didn't exist for everyone it may have been a novelty but now you can have wall to wall tits and better than what they have.

It's a tired tabloid with right wing conservative views that is still holding on to a part of its golden age of sexism by claiming this is freedom of expression. Get rid of this feature in fact get rid of the paper, it adds nothing to the world but conflict and low standards and is obviously biased gutter journalism. 


Stephen Barnes said...

I always had a bit of a soft spot for Maria Whittaker. Wonder what she's doing now?

Old Knudsen said...

She's not doing me anymore, not since the herpes.