Monday, 8 December 2014

Two For Flinching

The British government should learn from the Americans. When you release classified documents redact the fuck out of them first. 14 men say they were tortured by the British army in 1971 and the government have just released the documents about the events. As you may remember ..... unless yer from outside of Northern Ireland we were having a wee civil war back then.

They said they were hooded, held in stress positions and beat if they moved, exposed to white noise, sleep and food deprivation. They were also flown in a helicopter and told they were at a great height, dangled then thrown out only to find they were just feet from the ground.

Not all of the men are alive today but the ones that are want some kind of justice, probably compensation because seriously, do they think soldiers are going to be jailed for this now or that Lord Carrington will be ordered to shoot himself like a gentleman? What a bunch of pussies!

Wah wah wah 40 years ago I was beat by the British army and not allowed me lunch, aye you've made up for it since ya fat fucker.  That sounds like nothing, you try being in the British army. The only difference is that it's yer choice and they pay you. I don't think the British government really cares what they do .... can't touch this! 

Who in 1971 could say they have been up in a helicopter? They should be bloody grateful. 

 "Tell them they are up a 100 feet and if they don't hand over their Lucky Charms you'll throw them out the door, is he crying? .... sweet."
The British army were ahead of their time. "We were only pretending to torture you, you've been punk'd."
Stress position? Ya always need to do yer stretching and limber up before you attempt yer upward facing doggy reverse cowgurl style pose. What kind of snatch and interrogation would it be if they had warned the people so they would have packed a lunch?

This is nothing compared to what else they have done. Tony Blair gave Gaddafi some of his enemies as playthings to sweeten a BP deal for fucks sake. Don't forget about Simon Cowell and One Direction if yer going to talk about torture.

It was the 70's, torture was more acceptable back then, as was blackface. Even Bewitched had blackface and I'm sure that plenty of the coloureds laughed too. I wonder if they were allowed to watch TV in prisons back then. Everyone smoked in schools and hospitals and not drinking and driving was just weird. Babies were given toys made out of lead everyone knew that if you hid under a table made out of asbestos a nuclear bomb wouldn't hurt you. 

Now you have the wishy washy liberals making hospital patients stand outside the hospital entrance in the cold for them to have a smoke, have times gotten better? 

Back in the 70's we never had pedos .... well you just didn't hear about them and as long as they preyed on kids in care homes we were happy. Now with the Berlin wall doon everyone is a pedo. 

These guys complaining about being tortured 40 years ago, what ungrateful bastards, just trying to spoil the 70's for the rest of us. 

If the people being held in Gitmo for no reason other than being Muslim ever get out are we going to hear their stories of torture?  How boring, torture usually goes without saying except it's called enhanced interrogation.
Seriously though being thrown out of a helicopter just feet from the ground, I guess some people just don't have a sense of humour.

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