Friday, 5 December 2014

Stolen Valor

On Black Friday in a Mall near Philadelphia a former infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division sees a big fat bloke in a US army Rangers uniform talking to an awestruck kid about his experiences in the elite Ranger unit.
The veteran Ryan Beck heard the baldy dude mention special forces and just knew there was something not right with him.

So he called him over saying that his son likes to meet members of the military and then asks him the basic questions like what unit yer in etc. The bald dude, Sean Yetman aged 30 was able to answer the questions fine but after a while his answers became just bullshit.

He was missing a patch (he says he gave it to a kid) but his US flag patch was too low. Yetman said, "you got on that one buddy" and fixed old glory.

Yetman claimed to be a Staff Sergeant and said he was out shopping with his Sergeant Major .... like you do.

Beck asked about Yetman's 3 CIB's (Combat Infantryman badges) which he said he got in Afghanistan but quickly changed his answer to 2 in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Beck pointed out that you only get one per theater of war you've served in which seems to be the world wide way of doing it.
In WWII yer unit may have been sent over to France to fight, then back to Britain then over to France again depending on how the war is going and that could happen several times but you'd only get one medal for yer service in Europe.

I know the Yanks love to give out medals, Beck himself was given a Purple heart. Getting a medal for being shite and getting wounded, pretty unreal. How about giving medals like the Zero injury heart?

Old Knudsen never lies nor does he brag but he has been given more medals than you've had hot dinners and going by yer fat belly that's a lot. During WWII Old Knudsen actually received a Victoria Cross for valour and an Iron Cross in the same week ..... now that's a story to tell, except I still have to keep me head down for alleged war crimes so I won't be telling it.

   In WWI they gave me over sized pennies for killing Germans .... I'd do that kinda shit for free.

In the US, passing yerself off as a veteran violates the Stolen Valour act, wearing military awards like the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross or Purple Heart  “to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit” is illegal.
Is Yetman breaking the Stolen Valour act? He gets out of it the feeling like he's a big man. He comes across as a soft spoken pussy and so probably has psychological issues about being dismissed or even bullied and it feels good for him to be a hero.

Then again some of the stores in the Mall do offer a military discount and constitutes his actions to be illegal.    

In 2003 Yetman pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer, maye IHOP were giving cops free pancakes, he looks like he'd take advantage of that in a clogged heartbeat.

While Yetman could pass a a regular army grunt he definitely does not look like Ranger material, the Rangers are an elite unit .... for Americans that is. Now don't go thinking that by this picture Old Knudsen claims to be a Navy SEAL, Old Knudsen is an Otter which is even more elite, sometimes I go and train or toughen them up them as SEAL's are good, just not Otter good.

 This lass has been faking it for years. 

There seems to be many military fakers, one claimed to be the most decorated Navy SEAL ever and had a self defence school before being exposed as an ex-con who had never served, then you have Jesse Ventura who was a Frogman but claims to be a SEAL. He even sued Chris Kyle for slander, even continuing the lawsuit after Kyle was killed, I hope you choke on yer $1.8 million, certainly not the actions of a Navy SEAL.  

Navy SEAL's and other hero types are just like Old Knudsen, quiet and unassuming, very modest and never bragging. Those SEAL's arguing about who shot Osama need to wise up .... besides, it was I who fired the fatal shot.    

Cartman here has only served ... himself at buffets.

The most despicable man in the US is JohnnyB34435, his real name John Elmo Sheppard jr. He claims to wear a uniform so he can eat for free at the Golden Corral and get into WWE matches for free too. While he pretends to be a vet on YouTube he mocks and slags off the military, he's a conspiracy theory nut as well ... yes he does like Jesse Ventura so the lad is definitely not all there. A Facebook page  against him has almost 2,000 LIKES. Please feel free to LIKE it as this bloke is a real mouthy piece of shit.

I really doubt that she is a real soldier ... sometimes only other soldiers can tell.

While poor Yetman gets death threats and spirals into depression maybe he'll eventually learn and stop being a dick. Others who have served kinda take offense when civvies or just losers try to cash in on a reputation or name of the real deal.

That is why Old Knudsen gets disgusted when UVF lovers and other Fleggers dress in their WWI costumes and march around as if only Protestants from Northern Ireland were the only ones to have served in WWI ...... not that any of those pussies ever served, they are too busy pretending to be hard men and selling drugs for the Queen and Loyalist culture cos they are loyal an shit. As if they could pass the tests for the military, I they couldn't even make it into the Navy.    

Like the way you have orange caps on the end of fake guns, all these cunts should wear bright orange caps on their heads.

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