Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Is Enhanced Interrogation Wrong?

To some people the CIA enhanced interrogation techniques were fine and totally justified. I suppose it's like not caring how the animals on yer dinner plate were killed you just want the end result.

The CIA methods didn't produce any real results. Having most of the guys locked up did give results. The enhanced interrogation or torture as the soft liberals call it was to get information to prevent further attacks like 9/11 on American soil. Obama stopped the torture in 2009 and in nearly 6 years without any torture to save us there have been no attacks.   

Wow, what does that say? According to their own CIA reports any information was gleamed by the usual methods of surveillance and contacts but it gave them something to do and outside contractors were brought in to do the torture and made millions out of it.

The wars of terror that Bush initiated made millions for companies like Haliburton, DynCorp, Washington Group International, Environmental Chemical, Aegis, International American Products, Erinys, Fluor, Perini, URS Corporation, Parsons, Armor Holdings .... the list goes on. It seems that there was always some way for someone to make a big profit on the wars started by George W Bush and company. 

That is what happens when you have businessmen who become politicians, they see politics as just a way to carry on doing business.

 Waterboarding seems to be a proud American tradition.

Enhanced interrogation consisted of the simplest of rations (bread and water) a dark cell and a hard bunk. Deprivation of sleep and stress exercises to cause exhaustion and beaten with a stick, if more than 20 blows are given a doctor must be present. 

No wait, my mistake, that is what the German Gestapo did if their psychological methods didn't work and they didn't use waterboarding ..... only a cunt would use that. 

The phrase the Nazis had was  Verschärfte Vernehmung which is the German version for enhanced interrogation, a better translation would be sharpened interrogation since it was their last resort torture unlike the CIA who started off with it.

So the Bush administration took their cue from the Gestapo .... still wondering if torture is fine and justified? That right there should tell you otherwise.

Bush used hypothermia to freeze the prisoners to near death then with repeated beatings, long forced standing positions, waterboarding, cold showers in air-conditioned rooms and stress positions. Injured or sick prisoners would be left for days in their cells and any medicine would be withheld.

When the Nazis did this we called them war crimes and hanged the fuckers, so what has changed? Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell discussed all of these methods and signed off on them.

Some of the detainees who were brutalised by the CIA torture were entirely innocent. There is only so much you can justify by remembering 9/11. Torture tends to take on a life of it's own and becomes more creative as lines get blurred.

Yes torture is wrong, it shits on all those who have served with honour and those who gave their lives and those who died in 9/11. War profiteering is also wrong. There are so many Americans and those of nations who aided and abetted the torture and the profiteering walking about free, we know who the ones at the top are.

These people committed war crimes as surely as the likes of  Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering Joseph Goebbels and Amon Goeth. Just because they are on your side or from yer cuntry doesn't make them any less guilty.
If you think that by lying about WMD's to get yer cuntry behind an invasion, profiting from that invasion with companies yer friends own and pissing on the human rights of prisoners of war doesn't make them war criminals than yer like the German people who ignored the falling ash from the ovens of the local death camp.   

Enhanced interrogations didn't save lives, what it did was show the world that America's shit does stink and the moral high ground has been lost.  

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