Monday, 15 December 2014

Fidel Castro Man Of Peace

The world knows that in 2012 Fidel Castro died. This has in no way slowed the man doon, only a shot to the head could do that.  Robert Mugabe also died in a hospital in Singapore in 2012 and he's still around but the oldest animated corpse still representing their cuntry has to be Prince Philip who died during a heart operation in 2011 and he's still in full obnoxious swing making racist comments to slitty eyed heads of state and feeding off the stem cells of orphan children.

Raul Castro couldn't stand to see his once strong brother shuffling around the jungle attacking the locals for brains and so earlier this year he decided to decapitate him ..... but the world was not finished with Fidel Castro. 

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."  ~ Confucius

Fidel who has executed more than 5,700 with or without trial ... more than 2,000 died in prison and more than 2,000 disappeared. Anyone trying to escape Cuba by raft would have bags of sand thrown from helicopters to sink the rafts. He trained terrorists and guerrillas to fight in Africa, Columbia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala and Bolivia.

It has been estimated that the Cuban government, directly and indirectly, caused approximately more than half a million human deaths around the world.

"Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses."  ~ Confucius

So it's bygones then, no need to think about all of that nasty stuff. Fidel has just received the Chinese version of the Nobel peace prize. Since the Nobel is rigged and given to idiots who become president or get shot in the head the Chinese have honoured a true envoy of peace .... unless you count Africa, Columbia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala and Bolivia.

"To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness." ~ Confucius

For never resorting to violence or force to settle disputes in international relations and emphasizing the need to eliminate nuclear war, the Confucius Peace Prize goes to Fidel 'murder machine' Castro.

Vladimir Putin, another man of peace (a little piece of Ukraine) has also won this prestigious world famous award.

Ignoring the whole Cuban missile crisis thing where the world was so close to annihilation does Cuba even have a fucking army? I don't mean Russian, I mean one of their own. 'Do as I say America or I shall invade you' not too difficult for his little island nation to not use force against a super power. 

As for promoting getting rid of nukes, the Pope talks about the redistribution of wealth but that doesn't mean he is going to give his billions away. Cuba is not going to give up its nukes .... what, Cuba has nukes?
Yes Russia had closed it's bases in Cuba and Vietnam in 2001 but due to rising tensions and a buffer zone around Russia created by Obama those bases re-opened in 2012 yes the same year Castro died.

So anyway, congrats my man, the Chinese/commie link has been solidified a little bit more, time for the chop. 

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