Saturday, 23 August 2014

Top General Reveals Tactics Used Against ISIS

A top US General has revealed military tactics employed against the Islamist terrorist group ISIS. Having over 500 military advisers in Iraq seems to be paying off.

To the untrained eye it looked as if the popular fanatical group had swept through Iraq taking cities and large swathes of land with little opposition as the Iraqi army panicked and fled but that is not the case.

ISIS have been on social media showing off all the US equipment they have seized and have used US artillery against the Kurds in the north. Some of their fighters have been taunting the US to send in troops to take it back, shit got serious when they double dog dared the US on Twitter.

Michelle Obama responded by challenging Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS to do the ice bucket challenge for ALS, as expected his 24 hour response time came and went and now he looks like a cunt for not doing it .... well played Mrs First Lady.   


General David Petraeus explained, "We had the whole thing planned, we want ISIS to use US made weapons and equipment, we want ISIS to drive US military vehicles, we want ISIS to wear US military uniforms and body armor."

"We worked closely with the Iraqi military to decide what routes to use when they bravely ran away and what equipment to leave behind."

"Research has shown that American troops, pilots and drone operators are more effective with targets they are familiar with, so we are turning our high history of friendly fire to our advantage, we can target our own vehicles and troops in our sleep and sometimes have."

"ISIS have fallen for our trap, their arrogance will be their downfall,  they really don't stand a chance." 

Kiss yer ass goodbye ISIS yer days are numbered. 

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