Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday In the Pink

Pink for the Giro d'Italia. I'm sick of seeing men in their pink Lacoste or Fred Perry polo shirts looking like they were trapped in the 80's.

No one cares about yer bicycle race but they do care about this.

Would Old Knudsen rather ride a bike or would he rather ride .......... sorry, got distracted.

Old Knudsen, caring about the issues that matter.

Even Jesus said something about 2 in the pink and on in the stink ... or was it the other way round? ach I'm trying to forget all that rubbish.  As for Allah, he can fuck off back to Nigeria.

Leave the kiddies alone of the bunny will get ya.

Happy Mother's day, yer Ma should have smothered you as a child but she saw something special in those semi retarded glazed over eyes so thank her for sparing you so that you could live to read my blog.

Old Knudsen gives you something to live for even if it's just to find out what he's gonna post on the Lard's day of rest.

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