Wednesday, 21 May 2014

James Franco Is Creepy

I just want to go on the record and say how creepy I find James Franco. The 36 year-old actor may be new to social media but I don't think he's new to being creepy.
Using the fact that the more you show the more followers you get on Instagram isn't a valid excuse, put some fucking clothes on. At least Ashole Kutcher took inappropriate pictures of his wife and not himself.

Then he posts things like, 'apple slices in my bed, can't believe you didn't show up' and 'I was waiting for you.'
Keep waiting lad. 

Old Knudsen knows creepy , ach now don't be getting all jealous of this lass with her firm lily white skin and toned thighs, she's like a daughter to me. Being creepy is doon as one of Old knudsen's hobbies so he knows creepy.

I was just lying here thinking about little children, they really are our future #bringmebacksomegirls.

Were digging yer arse with those fingers? Get yerself a nail brush. Even Hobos look after their nails. 

I had a burger, salad, onion rings, curly fries, some Cheetos and a large diet Pepsi in my bed, can't believe you didn't show up. 

Go put on some clothes and stop looking like a sex offender hobo. You have over a million followers didn't Toby Maguire tell you that with great power cums great responsibility ? you don't see Old Knudsen posting dodgy, offensive stuff. This shite will be on the Interwebs for decades, we have a duty to the wee cunts of today for when they grow up to be big fat hairy cunts of tomorrow.

You'll no doubt read this as I bet you Google yerself every week.

Lets have some rules lad, how about you don't touch yer phone when you first wake up and certainly not in the bathroom. Teenagers take their fucking phones into bathrooms so they can take selfies to inflate their ego and self esteem.

Public restrooms that have mirrors are full of preening teenagers with their phones, luckily I don't need to wash me hands as me hands are self sanitizing. If Old Knudsen took a camera into a restroom the peelers would be onto him as if he was a black man driving an expensive car.  Oh and I'm old so I often get confused as to which restroom is which so I may wander into the ladies by accident.

Calling bathrooms and restrooms "toilets" is just so fucking common, loo isn't much better. 

 I just shit the bed again, can't believe you didn't show up ...... useless fucking room service.

Maybe some people like his hairy nipples and rat like eyes and who cares if he may have shown his cock or chatted up an underage teen?  What will it be next his morning boner? Does my poo look right to you? can't believe you didn't show up to watch me crap ..... luckily I took some pics. 


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