Friday, 11 October 2013

Willie Or Won't He

Dear Mr Frazer

I write to you on this occasion asking you to refrain from continuing your strikingly accurate portrayal of hate cleric Abu Hamza.
There was some talk that you'd be appearing as Hamza in a Christmas panto at Dundonald ice bowl, please tell me this isn't true.

I do understand that being on high levels of medication and drinking heavily can impair judgement, there are many programs out there to help people come back to reality and to stop them from breaking all the clothes hangers. I would be happy to send you some helpful phone numbers.

I sir am disabled, foreign born and a Muslim man and I find your minority bashing to be in poor taste.
Whats next, announce that you are being treated worse than a slave and put on some black face?

I shall look forward to your next court appearance.

Yours sincerely

Judge Sean el-Faisal


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