Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Privileged Sex


Weemen are not the oppressed sex, throughout history they have been sheltered and protected being kept safe from the bad, dangerous and harsh aspects of life. They have a far easier time of it than men. 

Well thats what Professor Martin van Creveld thinks. The Dutch borne Israeli military historian and theorist thinks that weemen take advantage of being weemen. 

Women want equality in the world of work – yet women also want lighter tasks and "easy, clean" work. Women never want to do all the dirty, heavy stuff: the pulling and hauling, the road-digging, garbage-collecting, truck-driving, firefighting. 
Women may demand equal access to the military and to policing, but seldom are women soldiers or female police officers able to perform the same tasks as their male colleagues – they're just not robust enough.

Aye lad, weemen are pretty useless huh? If they didn't have that gash between their legs Old Knudsen wouldn't bother to talk to them. 

Women at the top of their physical form still only have 80% of the strength of men. Where women are soldiers or police – or even postal workers – they are more protected, and they often choose the easiest roles. From the beginning of history, men have borne the greatest burdens of work and of protecting others, including women and families.

 A typical man.

It was men who built the Great wall of China, it was men who built the pyramids, we build the roads, the cities, the railways and we squash bugs .... men fucking well rock!

During WWI when Germany turned the farming over to the weemen, production dropped as it did during Stalin's time also .... I suspect a supply and demand problem but thats me.
Men spend twice as much of their life working than weemen and a third of their life listening to them nag ...... fuckkkkkk  van Creveld may have a point weemen are obviously work shy slackers.

I'm not going to say it to their faces though.
Martin van Creveld is a military historian for the most and I suspect he has some issues about weemen.

Look at him, hes a total playa.

I'll tell ya what you should be thinking Mr van Creveld .... if thats even yer real name. The prof has written 17 books on military history and strategy.
When his mandatory service in the Israeli army came around he chose the easier job of logistics, but he wasn't strong enough for paper work so because he was born with a cleft palate which somehow caused him trouble he was given a special dispensation to leave ..... do you weemen feel safe with him around?

Go on, tell yer nurse you think that weemen are lazy and can't survive without the help of men. Make sure you tell her just as she shoves a tube up yer willy.

Creveld you've gone an fucked up. Yer book  The privileged sex may be a popular read with the low brow misogynists but it's based on a crap theory.
Throughout history men may have been using their superior strength and speed for the hunting but it's the weemen that skins and prepares the animals for eating and the hides for wearing .... not easy or clean work.
Ever skin a large animal? ..... and I don't mean yer toy boy's cock. 

Weemen also supplemented the diet of earlier than now man with gathering berries and nuts, especially when the man had manflu or just had a bad hunting day.  Ever pushed a watermelon out of yer vagina? Thats the kind of nasty gross stuff that weemen do .... ouch! no wonder they shit themselves, aye childbirth is a magical time.
Weemen have more strengths than just the physical ones but some weemen can kick man ass if they had to.
Saying weemen are weaker is like saying all men are bastards or in Norn Iron, all Catholics are terrorists and in everywhere else all Muslims are terrorists. It's a general sweeping statement..... all Muslims are terrorists BTW. 

Weemen have not always had men to protect them and shelter them from life, many many times it was the men that the weemen needed protection from, 92% of violent crimes are by young males. Go to the third world and see the weemen working for hours in the fields while the men do important stuff like avoiding werk.
Old Knudsen knew this couple who both wanted to be firefighters. The woman did the entrance tests which are very physically demanding and came through with flying colours. Her husband belittled her by saying 'the female tests are easier than the male so not too difficult to pass.'
The wife was raging, she went and took the male test and she passed. Her husband took three tries before he passed the tests, they nearly divorced over it.

Professor Martin van Creveld, the failed military man who is an expert on the military needs to shut the fuck up. On the whole weemen may be physically weaker than men but they are just as good if not better in other areas and work just as hard and often harder, even looking after the hoose and the screaming brats is work, dirty and hard work.
Belittling weemen and categorizing them as the weaker sex or the damsel in distress who needs a hero means hes getting real life mixed up with his hooker/mother fantasies.  

Stick to yer war stories cunty baws cos you don't know weemen.



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