Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ulster Day Is So Ghey

The one with the ring has to be an ugly woman. Our weemen can pass as men 97% of the time. 
Yet another loyalist parade in Belfast this weekend. Glasgow limits the amount of city centre parades that are allowed hint hint @Belfast.
On Saturday a UVF parade to mark both the centenary of the UVF and 101st anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant.

Ulster day on Saturday is for those brave Irish men who rebelled against the tryranical English King .... John who wanted evil monkey overlords from Dublin to rule Ulster.

When they had no English to kill they joined up for WWI to kill Germans instead. They joined the 36th cannon fodder regiment and did their job well.

They died in Flanders fields .... or nearby, as many other better less bitter men and weemen had.

Remember folks, it's not connected to the modern day UVF or the even the EDL .

Nope, no connection at all.

Even if UVF gang member criminal guys lay a wreath, make a speech and then run away into the crowd it doesn't mean that there is any connection or that the modern terrorist UVF run the so-called historical farce shit.

Remember when the Somme was about brave Irishmen fighting Germans with crazy cunt Englishmen using them as fodder? now their memory has been cheapened by these modern UVF cunts so when I think Somme I think modern UVF cunts.

The original UVF men had sided with Kaiser Bill and had gotten weapons from Germany to fight the English.
When Lord Kitchener called the UVF traitors and Hun lovers they joined up to erase their shame. Little did they know that it was a ploy to use up all the German ammo by sending in the Irish.

Soon Kaiser was siding with the other Irish doon south who for some reason resented British rule. Enjoy yer bankruptcy ya Fenian cock suckers.

The UVF scum are expecting 18,000 to 10 million loyalists to turn up for Ulster day with 42 bands, if they do turn up in those numbers we're going to send them to London and deport them to Anthrax island, don't worry, it's just a name ..... more like a small atoll than an island.


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