Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Fleggers Owe Us £50m And An Apology

Brad Pitt on a quest to find Flegger zero 

The loyalist flag protests that started on the 3rd December 2012 has been cited as a contributory factor in Belfast shops losing up to £50m in revenue.

The publicly-funded £1m advertising campaign 'Backin Belfast' to encourage people into the city to boost trade helped a little but with illegal road blocks, stealing and burning out cars and the odd riot kept people home and some shops closing early during the Christmas period, other shops closed for good as the protests were the last straw for them.

£50m lost, the international reputation tarnished even more, the idiot Loyalist minority making everyone else cringe in embarrassment every time they spoke......

The fact is that while 40% of Northern Ireland's population just can't be bothered to vote it isn't the lower/working classes, it's the middle class people that have given up with voting.

In this strange backwater the political parties like the DUP cannot appear too educated or too middle class or they'll lose votes.

They also don't have to explain themselves because their voters are stupid and they know this, they can get away with anything and all they have to do is get the pleb on the street worked up about what Catholics are getting or might get.


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