Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Don't Mute The Skin Flute

The earliest record of circumcision cums from a tomb in ancient Egypt 2400–2300 BCE. The usual theory for this procedure was hygiene in that sandy environment but considering it takes more time to brush yer teeth than clean yer lad, that doesn't really .... stand up to scrutiny .

Do men who are not intact not clean their cock then? 

Other theories point to circumcision being done as either a rite of passage or as a sign of status. Human sacrifice was not known to be done in ancient Egypt but this could have been done for that.   

Egyptian dentists used to suggest putting half a freshly-killed hot mouse in your mouth to cure bad breath.... they were nucking futs!

I wonder who the first person was that decided to lob off the foreskin. I bet it was someone who either didn't have a penis, couldn't use their penis or lost their foreskin in an accident and so talked others into getting rid of theirs.

"Yeah I wanted to see how tough I was so I cut me foreskin off, fuck I'm tough, you couldn't do it yer too much of a wimp."

Oh yeah, I'll show you! 
Incas, Aztecs and Mayans did circumcision probably to test bravery and endurance, and its use later evolved into a rite of initiation. Ok you win, yer braver than me .... but I enjoy sex more, HA!

The Jews probably got circumcision from the Egyptians, I say this because those born in the wilderness after wandering for 40 years (it's not that big a place) were intact and had to under go this mutilation. "I wandered the fucking desert for 40 years man and boy and you want to do what with my cock?"

When crazy ol Abraham was hearing voices, telling him to kill his son Isaac as a sacrifice an angel stopped him just in time and said just lob off his foreskin instead, God will be happy enough with that blood sacrifice but you have to promise to keep sacrificing foreskins for ever more.

Abraham was happy enough to do that and after several bloody tries he figured out what a foreskin was and got it.

After that the Jews knew who their own people were and so could smite the other tribes who weren't ghey for God.
Of course Muslims also circumcise because of the close links their religion has with Judaism.... well that explains all the anger in the Middle east.    

 The skin does retract ya know, not my fault you don't know what yer doing. 

When  Alexander the Great conquered the middle east he brought with him some Greek ideas like 'foreskins are cool' later on the Romans banned circumcision so the Jews adapted by just taking a tiny bit off the top and pulling their skin doon to hide it. The Jewish leaders didn't like that and said 'fuck you we're cutting the whole lot off, lets revolt!' ..... so it wasn't for hygiene it was for spite.  How can you reason with people like that?

Something creepy about circumcision, it says to babies, "welcome to the world, a place where you don't have a say and that any moment you'll be held down and brutalized even by those who claim to love you."

"Oh and enjoy yer dried up penis and lessened sexual sensation. You also have to use an artificial lubricant for sex or jerking off. You may also lose the desire for sex and suffer from ED in later years but hey, look on the bright side, when yer sexually aroused you won't feel wet .... that kind of thing is for weemen anyway."

Good news about weemen though. Egypt’s Health Ministry banned female circumcision (when a women’s clitoris is removed) in 1996, except in cases of emergency. This loophole, however, is so vague that female genital mutilation is still virtually universal in Egypt.

The US outlawed female genital mutilation in 1997 because it is an inhumane act ... not because it was common sense, male circumcision is dying out there because health care costs so much. Even the men that want their son to be like them think twice when they are told they have to pay.

Male circumcision is very ingrained in the American psyche and seen as normal to those who see nothing wrong with choosing for others whether they like it or not.  

Cheaper to get tats.
The Jews continue to do it even though Leviticus tells them not to mark or cut their skin. Rabbis have claimed that the foreskin is a redundant organ and so if removed then the person will be complete .... yes retarded thinking like that has gotten you kicked around Europe and the Middle east for centuries.

I'm not being anti-semitic I'm being anti-moron.  God made you in his image, perfect and intact, away an cut off yer eyelids too.

Well it's not just Christians who are interested in children's cocks it's the whole God bothering lot. Tune in on Sundays for hot weemen to tempt you away from the kiddies.  

Go ask Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer how many babies die during unnecessary circumcision, one death is too many. He cuts off the foreskin then sucks the babies cock to get rid of the bad blood, if he passes on his herpes .... well thats god's fault. Even after knowing hes infected he still performs them.

Queen Victoria got it into her head she was descended from the mythological King David and promoted circumcision for royalty.  King George I got the newly born princes cut to show that they were people of status .... a crown and a posh accent wasn't enough I suppose, inbred idiots.

Baby Prince Charles was cut in 1948 by a rabbi, as were his two brothers. Princess Di was against the idea but was she man enough to say "NO" back then?

Circumcision was claimed to cure syphilis, epilepsy, hernia, headache, clubfoot, alcoholism, gout and stopped sinful masturbation .... That was by the repressed Victorians. Today the medical profession flip flops on the issue one minute saying it's unnecessary and then saying but it prevents heterosexual infection of HIV in Africa ..... most African and South American tests are well dodgy with many getting shut down on ethical grounds. You got two men, one mutilated and the other intact, they have to fuck weemen infected with HIV to see which one gets infected first ..... we'll do 100 of these tests and we'll watch and film them all.

One third of the males worldwide are circumcised and most of those are because their parent's imaginary friend told them to do it.

Don't get Old Knudsen wrong, children are hateful mean little fuckers .... but Old Knudsen will defend their rights, only because they can't.


Xmichra said...

I've never really thought about it before... something I think that went out the window when I had baby girls. But I think you are (somewhat in there) right, where you shouldn't have to cut anything from yourself to be whole, clean, or better. that in itself makes it absolutely no sense.

Old Knudsen said...

Adults can cut and pierce themselves but leave the kids alone.

stan giles said...
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