Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nigel Dodds Gets Stoned At Protest

All DUP politician Nigel Dodds wanted was to walk through an area of North Belfast with his brothers and his bands to celebrate a Catholic king getting beaten in battle in 1690, but oh no, the Catholics who live in that area have something against a load of bigoted Prods walking past their homes shouting taunts at them.

Trouble broke out and Dodds along with Shifty McCauseland of the window contracts fame tried to sort it out. Nigel called for calm, he said, 'If we have any hope of success then we need calm' .... what the fleggers thought he said was 'I love the Pope in a tight dress, he is the man' . Anger erupted and one of his fellow Loyalists threw (probably a half brick) that knocked Nige out cold.

The size of Dodds' head meant that the chances of hitting it was very high, much like JFK and his giant noggin.

Nelson McCauseland is a slimey wee shite and not even half bricks stick to him.

Dodds is having a bad week, first of all his face, it's hideous ..... then he was kicked out of Westminster for saying the secretary of state for Northern Ireland is a lying hoorbag (maybe not the words he used) then he gets knocked out by one of his own.

To top it off while he was lying unconscious the police fired the water cannon at him .. I shit you not.

I suspect the police vote Alliance.



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GerardMcKeown said...

Have you heard this song about Nelson McCausland? It's a corker!