Friday, 12 July 2013

Kate Middleton Gives Birth And Then Gets Her Tits Out

We are a simple people and do not expect too much from the future Queen of England. The royal baby boy will be named Nelson Mandela Harley Yoda Windsor.  Her Kate-ness will be given a 2 week rest period and then William will be back on top to make some more.

I would however request that she get a boob job to avoid anymore future disappointment as Old Knudsen is still being treated for depression thanks to her saggy norks.

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Anonymous said...

Jaysus mate, youse is one ignorant cunt!
William is a "Windsor" man. Windsor men are never "on top". Their women ride them - usually wearing iPods to block the incessant Windsor whimpering (in German so it is rumoured).

And the child's name will be Dodi fer the sake of fuck!

A fiver says Mandiba carks it the same day Kate calves the Royal Crotch Fruit.