Monday, 27 May 2013


Emelia Clarke the actress from Game of Thrones has been ripping out the hearts of homeless hobos and eating them ..... like you do. She is known for being a ditzy but volatile type, she once dated smug comedy voice guy Seth MacFarlane for a while.

Old Knudsen has not made his dislike of MacFarlane a secret, hes a smug shite who says how The Simpsons have ripped him off. He wouldn't have a fucking career if it wasn't for The Simpsons. Look at that big round potato head of his and that squinty smile.

Ms Clarke has recently gone out on a date with James Franco .... hes like an uglier Matt Dillon type who really can't act, yes Old Knudsen dislikes him too.

I guess she took our breakup quite badly .... many of them do. Emelia also knows my dislike for that big nosed twat Adrian Brody so don't be surprised if hes next.