Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Blah News Blitz

Gordon Moore a former postmaster flipped his car while driving near Berwick in 1955, a metal plate was wapped onto the big hole in his heed to stop the draught to his brain.

The reckless driver dented said plate in another car accident 3 years after.

Doctors recently operated to treat an infection in his head and found the bone had grown back beneath the metal plate.

Not unusual in a child, whose bones are growing, but rare in an adult especially considering the size of the hole

Mr Moore said the plate had never bothered him, but he was relieved he would no longer "set the alarms off at the airport and maybe the voices will stop that tell him to kill hoors".

Trust Old Knudsen Mr Moore the voices will never stop just go with the flow.

Famous for some reason chat show host David Letterman made an on-air apology to his wife after admitting having sex with female members of his staff.

CBS employee Robert "Joe" Halderman has pleaded not guilty to trying to blackmail Letterman for a measly $2m (£1.2m) over the affairs.

Letterman married Regina Lasko in March but they have been together since 1986 he vowed to mend his relationship with her . The couple have a six-year-old son, Harry

He said she had been "horribly hurt" by his behaviour but the affairs were firmly in the past, um not now you dirty dick and how firm is a year ago?

He used jokes in his monologue to gain support from the audience "This is only phase one of the scandal, phase two - next week I go on Oprah and sob."

Old Knudsen has never liked Letterman, Leno's writers are more funny and Letterman stopped being relevant about the same time that Chevy Chase did in the 80's but Letterman wouldn't go away and the same people who lick the hole of Roman Polanski suckle on Letterman's teat in a disgusting display of extreme sycophancy.

Letterman did spin control on this but I'm not hearing how many of his staff he fucked and I'm sure they didn't do it because he is so sexy and charming, Old Knudsen knows creepy......... trust me on that and Letterman is a creep.

Old Knudsen mentioned on Facebook that he once worked with the father of Northern Ireland football player David Rainey who recently scored a dramatic late winner in a 2-1 success over Portadown.
It was years back just as Davy got mugged by a couple of blokes at an ATM, his then finance broke some toes kicking the buggers. Davy got better and signed by Crusaders. Well Davy boy scored again and beat Glentoran 1-0.

Old Knudsen doesn't do sports often ............... except water sports but likes to see his mates do well so well done Davy and I'm sure yer Da is talking the ears off everyone he meets as he beams with pride.

Blogger is being a cunt, it seems you can't put more than 10 labels on a post and you can't have more than 2000 labels per blog.

Either I work out how to delete some labels or I say fuck yer labels blogging is old hat and dead in the new world anyway so I will stay in the past on the search engines and knowledge will be lost to the future generations. Or someday I'll travel into the past where blogging is still cool, where they still read newspapers and listen to the radio or I'll go to the present day UK and you'll be sorry Blogger cos I'll bring ya doon, doon ta China toon.

What will it be next sorry we only let the word CUNT get used 1 million times per blog?

What about those serving their cuntry that are actually allowed to blog? Lets take their labels and their freedoms.

Blogger, you support terrorism!


dai said...

What's a label?

erin said...

I have to disagree with you on the letterman/leno thing...letterman's way funnier.

Like a million times funnier. Especially during the 90's.

MJ said...

Either I work out how to delete some labels or I say fuck yer labels

Please don’t delete the Fenian Cocksucking tag!

MJ said...

I discovered the limitation to tags when I tried to fit everyone’s arse tag into my alluring arses post.

The limit appears to be 14 labels for that post. You find it’s changed to 10?

“Knudsen’s Arse” remains a tag, of course.

Boxer said...

Knudsen's arse is an internet sensation.

Fat Sparrow said...

Is your man with the plate there a rocket scientist? He seems to have rockets on his mind.

And you're right; Letterman's an asshole. A very non-funny asshole. And creepy.