Sunday, 27 September 2009

Old World Order Of Fries

Old Knudsen isn't just some blogger whose opinion doesn't matter, oh no as well as being that he is also an influential Time lord who has shaped the world to what it is today, yes you can all thank me in the comments.

The new world order was a load of old bollocks, all that Mason and Skull and Bones shite never worked but now we have proof and no longer have to work in secret.

The Pope opened his mouth during a speech and a hundred spiders came out of it and crawled over him. You all know that spiders are an ancient symbol of paganism and therefore evil, Old Knudsen doesn't know what else it will take for everyone to see the festering scab that is the Vatican.

Those in the front row heard the spiders chanting to Satan and suddenly the Pope's numerous cardinals or bug eaters descended on him like a testicle and cleaned up the spiders in a nonchalant but crunchy way. The Vatican has denied all spiders and said it was evil bloggers and their computery ways.

I have been contacting my peeps all along the time line .................... on the land line.

Bill Gates doesn't make a move or take a dump without Old Knudsen's go ahead.

Ready yer killer robot mosquitoes and army of Africans my friend the war will be costly, for them and you that is .

Obama knows what I mean cos I tell him.

Mr president yer army is kinda crap so just make a stunning speech that will be shown in schools as that is all you can do.

Bill is all for it.

It will end wars for all time once the opposition is crushed terms and conditions may apply no more hate or racism or sectarianism .

Its not racist or sectarian it will be a caste system, later there will be Alphas, Betas, Commas and Gammas etc as everyone has a place and should be in it for their own good. White English speaking Prods who support the Queen's right to rule the world will be at the top.

Vince Vaughn likes it a lot.

Get yer Hollywood friends to do commercials denouncing the Vatican and how Catholics have been tricked all this time into being third class citizens doing the Spider demon's bidding.

Maggie thinks we should put a tax on killing Fenians .

Once the war has been won as God will be on our side some sort of bar code or tracking chip will be implemented to keep track of folks and you can't work or buy food without one.

Bono who changed sides cos its cool is willing to tag poor people to get them fed.

The buying of food and other items will be done with compliance points therefore eliminating the malcontents you just get scanned at the checkout. The rivers will run red .............................. white and blue with bits of orange and it will still be cleaner than the water in Southern Callyfornia.

The Germans want to run the war but after their last two tries I think not.

Either shape up or becum the slave class, you can attack the Swiss, those cunts have been getting a free ride for too long.

Lionel Richie is willing to make his people into cannon fodder the good of the world also I've replaced him with a robot that follows orders. He can also make up to 6 pieces of toast at once.

There are a lot of problems still to work out like badges and uniforms and then there is a flag, a plot to blow up the Vatican was thwarted by Tom Hanks who is obviously under the thrall of the dark Pope.

So if you wake up one day wearing a condom and can choose what to do with yer tired saggy body and the world has turned upside doon then my plan has been successful or not.

Oy vey my child if those breasts were smaller you'd be like a hot 12-year-old boy but still I need breeders for my cult, you will join us .............. join us ........... join us ...........


Boxer said...


Fat Sparrow said...

"He can also make up to 6 pieces of toast at once."

Frakkin toasters!

"a plot to blow up the Vatican was thwarted by Tom Hanks who is obviously under the thrall of the dark Pope"

He's also tired of being the one that gets the funny syphilis.

nwtrunner said...

"The Germans want to run the war but after their last two tries I think not." - had me spraying me beer OK!

My word verification is "fartiess" - that should be a real word. The Pope wishes he could do Easter mass today, but unfortunately he has a terrible case of fartiess...