Friday, 14 September 2018

Murder Most Foul

Russia and Putin in general has to be the best gaslighter ever. Troops in Ukraine? They are just tourists that happen to be serving Russian military personnel. Cyber attacks on Estonia, the US and other countries ...some patriotic hacker in their mom's basement, nothing to do with us. Sonic attacks on US embassies??? .... where do you get this crap from and we also never kill journalists either.  

Journalists that just happened to violently die under Putin. 

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov are not Russian agents sent to kill Sergei and Yulia Skripal with the toxin Novichok. They work in the sports industry. Look at them, do they look like trained killers? ... I think not. 

They arrived in London on 2nd March and on the 3rd they traveled by train to the town of Salisbury. 


Totally normal tourist behavior because lets face it there is fuck all to see and do in London St Paul's cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the London eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Tower of London, The National Gallery, The British Museum, Soho, Trafalgar Square, two Tate galleries,Churchill's war rooms, Hyde Park,Covent Garden, Hampton Court, Royal Botanic Gardens, The Harry Potter Experience and certainly no cathedrals or old clocks.

It was in no way a reconnaissance run. The fact that a former Russian spy lived there was a complete coincidence.   

This is what a real spy looks like. Anna Chapman was one of 10 spies arrested in New York in 2010. She has branded Sergei Skripal a traitor and I believe her, cos she's hot. 

The two innocent Russian spies tourists said there was too much snow and slush in Salsbury on the 3rd to see the world famous tall cathedral spire and old working clock and you know how delicate Russians are.  Russians are not used to snow and cold conditions so they hurriedly returned to London. 

On the 4th they returned to Salsbury when the snow had cleared to smear toxin concealed in a fake perfume bottle on the door handle of Skripal's house see the cathedral good and proper and then flew back to Moscow that night. 

A police officer investigating the poisoning became ill and Dawn Sturgess died and her partner Charlie Rowley fell critically ill after he found the perfume in a charity bin. 

Yep, totally normal tourists. Just because Putin poisoned a former Russian agent before in London and other top level Russians in England have mysteriously died over the years doesn't mean it was him. It could have been anyone .... I bet it was Iran.

Murder she badly wrote

Then there was not a real writer self published romance novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy from Oregon who allegedly shot dead her husband. I'm no detective but if someone writes a story called 'How to kill your husband' then I'd sure look into that.   

It's like they aren't even trying these days for fucks sake. 

Daniel Brophy and his big cock which was foul fowl

Chef  Danny B as I imagine him being called was shot in the kitchen ... ouch! Poor innocent Nancy has already said how she doesn't want to go to prison so therefore didn't kill him because orange is not her colour. She looks awesome in blue and pink don't ya think? 

She also doesn't like divorce as she is a traditional kinda gal and doesn't want to lose half her stuff and that cock was bought with their JOINT account money and so it's rightfully hers damn it! 

With poison she said it took too long and who has time to hang around some sick person? ... yuck! 

Then with a knife she said it's "really up close and personal" .... and only poofy Europeans use knives. 
A gun requires some skill and is noisy so perhaps a hitman?  Nancy was too stunned by Chef  Danny Bster's (which he may also have been called) sudden death to show any emotion. 

Her writing certainly sets her up as being the perfect patsy. 

So far Putin or the Russian government have said nothing about the case but Old Knudsen would look to Iran for clues and to leave poor Nancy alone. 

Friday, 24 August 2018

Another White House Adviser Resigns

The net of justice closing in on Trump and his dodgy as fuck staffers, the President has lost yet another ally. Top White House adviser and newly appointed head of the Space Force, Lieutenant Colonel Wilson the volleyball has resigned.

The dream team of White House advisers has always been Hannity, Carlson and Wilson but when Wilson got the coveted Space Force job the other two like the little bitches they are pushed/rolled him out claiming he's playing handball with the Democrats.

Wilson was always the brains in the White House and even made Steve Bannon look good .. not physically obviously.

       It's the Jews Steve ... The Jews!

One of Trump's many unfulfilled campaign promises was to stop the spread of  balls that are not white. Is it a coincidence that the unpatriotic NFL kneelers use a ball of color? .... Commie Libtard political correctness gone crazy. 

Wilson will be releasing a book titled Grab them by the balls: A look into a treasonous White House.

There may also be tapes ... more tapes? Geez the only people that seem to have not taped him is the Kremlin, fuckin amateurs eh?  

It isn't known what direct impact the loss of Wilson will be. Experts have said that the White House may begin to act unhinged and unprofessional. They may spout random whacky ideas and support White Supremacists and rival nations in an attempt to distract from their failures.  

Will Trump still take on worthy causes like the poor treatment of white people by evil indigenous people around the world and point out how deadly and dangerous places like the UK is? 

Without Wilson there will certainly be a power struggle to replace him with Kelly and Pence wanting to take his place. One thing is for sure, no one at the White House has Wilson's intellect and charisma.  It's a yuge loss for the US.      

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

This Is Reality

For those more self actualized and more in tune with the universe in general then this post won't be all that surprising. If you are someone bogged down with mundane stuff and get angry every time you see something you don't like or agree with then it'll this post will sound cray cray.

This post isn't about mental health but stuck up Victor Mature types will take it that way ... cos they don't get it.  Not a paranoid Schizophrenic rant about big pharma watching us via the microwave or chemtrails being used to alter our minds. Old Knudsen is in no way a paranoid Schizophrenic and if he was I'm sure one of the voices in his head would tell him .... did you just hear a click?

Buddhists have the whole Yin Yang balance thing and also karma. We are responsible for our own happiness and misery, not some mysterious external force of good and evil. In fact the actual words good and evil being English don't translate properly to how Buddhists think about morality. 

Hinduism also has karma and you can be punished for deeds done in past lives.   Yeah both religions are full of shit in general as like the Christian, Muslim and Judaic ones. 

Old Knudsen does believe in reincarnations (respawned) but rather than be punished by the universe for past lives we get the change in our current one to fix it and not repeat those mistakes. We get to chose what kind of people we want to be. Things from decades ago can still define people if they allow it or they can work at moving on.

If someone makes us angry they have a power over us. If someone treats us poorly and we put up with it then we are allowing them to do it.   Other reasons and factors may help us make the choice as to what to do but there is always a choice ... not always a happy one though.  

Trumptards, Brexitards, Vegans and ridiculously attractive people are the universe's tools to cause chaos or to keep your level of suffering pretty high. The reason will be made clear later. 

Ever think that reality is just so dumb and ridiculous that it can't be happening? I don't just mean in Florida. 

Ever take the left path instead of the right and narrowly avoid disaster?  Pure chance or instinct perhaps. As if someone was whispering into you ear.  

Cause and effect is the true name of karma. The web of possibilities is so vast that we cannot see how some bloke catching an earlier train to work halfway across the world could effect your life in any way. The pattern of events that lead to you could be tiny or even take years. 

That moment when you realise Thanos is the hero of the movie and the ultimate environmentalist 

We live in a digital world and everything in the universe boils down to numbers. Maybe that's why Old Knudsen has a certain level of protection ... he don't do numbers too good. 

If you play a video game on a console you make those characters act out a role and do things. The Sims has you as their god and those ppl can live or die at your whim. If you don't get someone to the toilet they'll piss themselves. 

In the future and at the moment, computer geeks keep creating Artificial Intelligence with the hopeful outcome to create beings that will think and act for themselves. 

Olivia Munn getting pounded for all of those that want sex, not higher thinking. 

Those AI beings created will go off and create beings themselves who will act and think for themselves who in turn will make others. 

If you look at the Earth.  Creatures and plants growing and evolving. Everything changing and happening. To someone not paying attention it can look like chance. There are video games like Evolve or Populous that pretty much do the same thing to how the planet and creatures evolved.
We are like impotent gods who can delete if they get it wrong .... or cause a massive flood only in the Middle East if you go by the religious fairy tales.

I'm bored, time for a war.

We have only started to created these pseudo worlds saved in cyber space or on your Play Station. Going by planets like Mars the whole terraforming thing has come and gone many times over and you get left with the evidence which is there (saved) for possible new adventures in the future.

Thinking about the infinite amount of possible realities it would be fair to suggest that humanity is one such reality. If cannot be ruled out.

Is the world a play thing for some bored alien in its mom's basement? Perhaps it started the game called Earth but a better game came out so like us it has moved onto the latest trend and we act out how we are supposed to in the background unsupervised.

The game rights itself now and then by tweaking with our fates but on the whole our actions determine outcome.   Not every character is on the same level, some are way higher than others which explains the constant bullshit and poor decisions made in the world.


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Ian Paisley Is A Crook And Should Be Fired

Northern Ireland is a microcosm of the US or what the GOP want to make it. No same sex marriage, no abortion. The only thing missing are guns which only the police and criminals/farmers have. 

The DUP have been getting away with scandal after scandal because they have the votes the Tories need for Brexit and so the Tories dangle money in front of them for their loyalty. Like the GOP they are a load of gog bothering crooked, greedy arseholes that have the 'not too bright' thug and bigoted voter base .... yes Old Knudsen is not a fan of bigots. 

Sinn Fein the other party that rules Northern Ireland are just as useless. They refuse to take their seats in Westminster as that would mean a pledge to the Queen and so let the DUP get away with shit all the while taking the Queen's money.   So in essence they are our version of the Democrats. 

DUP politician Ian Paisley failed to declare two luxury family holidays in 2013 paid for by the Sri Lankan government. He also lobbied the then prime minister on the country's behalf.

Nice work if you can get it. Old Knudsen has a problem with this. He doesn't think that Ian Paisley who died in 2014 should continue to be a politician and they should bury him instead of doing a weekend at Bernies with someone raising his arm to cast votes. 


It turns out that old Ian Paisley had sex at least 5 times (probably fully clothed) as he allegedly has 5 children. Old Knudsen has not seen any DNA testing so cannot confirm this. I doubt that even God is that cruel so look to their gardener. 

Ian Paisley jr went on to be Ian Paisley. The man that said homosexuality was a leading cause for divorce .... that fella. The kind of politician you expect to find in enlightened Ballymena. 

Dodds is saying, "hey Ian that be my biatch, hands off and no tongue this time!"

The younger Ian Paisley sought support from the DUP party leader Arlene Foster who may or may not be female ... Old Knudsen has not seen any evidence either way.  If Foster is reading then vadge shots that show her brutal face too will be considered. 

She said it was up to Parliament's watchdog (in other words the PM) so Paisley took to the floor and asked for forgiveness and apologized for being caught.   

When Old Knudsen worked at the hospital and was selling organs he too asked for forgiveness and said how weak he was .... he just said whatever he could to save his ass. In the real world employers fire crooked employees. 

No one told Old Knudsen you couldn't sell musical instruments at work ... a fuckin set up. 

If it was a Sinn Fein politician that put a loaf on top of his head to make an inappropriate joke on social media everyone would call for his resignation. Barry McElduff did indeed resign over it. 

Being a foreign agent for an oppressive regime only gets you a suspension which hasn't been approved yet as the Tories need his Brexit vote. 

When climate change denier and anti-immigrant DUP politician the gammon faced Sammy Wilson (on the right like the DUP usually are)  was asked if Paisley should be fired he said the BBC had a brass neck to suggest it and mentioned a totally unrated case in which singer and pedo Cliff Richards sued the BBC for £210,000 damages for privacy.

Richards sold his flat and quickly moved to Barbados as any innocent person would do once the story of his London flat being raided hit the news. He's even giving back to the community by building a playground in his back garden. 

Would you believe that Wilson used to be a teacher?  Standards ... not in Northern Ireland! 

Ian Paisley who delights in getting bribes and putting stickers on horses is so apologetic for his actions that he'll fight to keep his job if a by-election is called ... seems really contrite. What other job is he qualified for?  Not that he's qualified for this one as his "facts" often leads to chuckles as they are so dumb. 

Liam Neeson the King of Ballymena has yet to comment. 

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Knife Action

The room was dimly lit but I could see the light glint off his blade. He was coming towards me faster than I had expected. I looked around, my firm young friend was still tripping balls from the red pill she had taken at the concert, she'd be of no help.

Old Knudsen had taken 4 but they had no effect on him except to see some people in their true ultimate form as giant dust mites and seeing the walls melt.

He got to me and extended his arm, I had only seconds to react. I was out of practice and not as fast as I used to be.

He handed me the knife and apologized for the previous one being dirty. I took the knife, smiled and said, "it was ok" but really it wasn't and he'd get no tip and harsh passive aggressive Yelp review.

Was there anything else he could get me? .... I asked for some red sass for the steak and he minced off to get it.

This is what happens when you give dust mites good British jobs.   

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

This Is America

Just following orders

Concentration camps during the Boer war, slave ships, Native American reservations, Nazi concentration camps, Japanese interment camps. 

Before your time huh? Well Trump has his liberty camps in your life time RIGHT NOW!  

I've had the conversations about psychological effects on the developing brains of children. As they make new neural pathways they have to have the right stimuli such as not being left to cry and having parents smile at them .... all basic stuff that if isn't done can lead to a complex or depression in later years. 

Circumcision and sexual abuse no doubt causes deep mental scaring too, all those things in early childhood makes a difference. Don't know why you are angry or anxious? It could be from those poorly connected neural pathways. You may not remember but some of you does because damage was done. 

So what kind of damage will this do? It doesn't matter to children if they get 3 hots and a cot with Barney played on a loop. Being torn away from those you love IS traumatic. 

I've heard people blaming the parents for bringing their kids into the US illegally, they deserve it huh. 
It must be nice to have such a safe and privileged life. Imagine doing crap jobs for crap money with no healthcare or chance becoming a citizen but at least your kids would be a little bit safer being a step up from what they left. 

If you blame the parents then just fuck you as you haven't suffered enough in life. I guess you wouldn't do anything for YOUR family. 

   I'll take you to the showers. 

But they are breaking the law and should be punished. Yeah That's what slave owners that had runaway slaves said too. It might be the law but it doesn't mean it's morally right or should be followed. 

Trump and his peeps have come out and said they are doing this as a deterrent. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen makes this shit happen and John Kelly is totally in favor of it.

A child taken from her mother while breast feeding, a father killing himself just before Father's Day when his wife and child were taken from him.

The audio tapes of children crying and calling for their parents as the border guards mock them.

*Is this ok to you?*

Americans have always put themselves forward as being the good guys in movies but that is just make believe, this is reality. 

Punishing children is like the bad guy in the movie threatening to kill someone the hero cares for or an innocent in order to get to them. "Your weakness is that you care for these meat sacks"  is something they might say. 

In the end of the movie we are shown that caring and staying together makes us stronger. 

Trump only has nice things to say about dictators, these are his heroes

If you don't care, or still support Trump then you are just an asshole. Pretty simple. You use terms like 'infest' or 'swarm' to dehumanize them to justify abuse. 

The money and resources to punish families who are already at the bottom rung of the ladder could go towards something that encompasses what American values are supposed to be.  School supplies or clean drinking water are just 2 things that spring to mind. 

Pro-life and Christian groups remaining silent. Fox news dickheads making excuses saying that the camps are like summer camps or that it's Hillary's fault or something dumb. Yeah the camps during the Holocaust were fat camps I suppose .... sorry too soon? Get outraged about this you asswipe. 

No one sane, intelligent or with any empathy can not be bothered about this.  I bet the ones that support the idea are the same people that suddenly care about homeless vets when the subject of taking in refugees comes up.      

If you want Liberals to stop comparing Trump and his admin to Nazis then perhaps they should stop getting on like Nazis. 

Boko Harem steals children, ISIS steals children ... isn't this kind of shit why Americans are all armed? There should have been an armed revolt 3 or 4 outrages ago. A nice diversion from the federal investigation though. 

Best to look the other way huh. Hey it's snowing, no may bad it's only ashes.

*This pic is from a protest as the media are not allowed to see the camps that contain toddlers, babies or females ... almost as if they know what they are doing is wrong and want to write the narrative of male criminals or something*  

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Like A G7

Being a body language expert I've been asked by so many people to this interpret photo. Angela Merkel the leader of the free world is a strong and confident woman and uses her authority without trying but understands about image and what will go viral thus improving the view the world has of her. 

She understands that she needs to be strong with Donald but yet court the first lady Ivanka. Here she is giving the world what it wants. Only a small majority of morons think Trump is a good leader and ignore all the shit he's pulled and so the world is actually against him and this is what Merkel wants to show.

Trump went into the G7 spouting about trade tariffs and why was Russia not there?  .... oh *Crimea*?  That doesn't count because Obama let him take it and Obama wasn't a real President because he's from Kenya and black weak. 

He finished by talking about no tariffs because the G7 leaders wrote him a harshly worded letter.... with pictures. 

Has anyone tried the shrimp here? ... it's beautiful! Not as good as American shrimp but still good.

Trump forgets that the eyes of the world are on him when people talk to him. He also forgets to take his meds and where he lives and gets his wife and daughter mixed up which is awkward for Jared
but if he wants to keep his top level clearance he had better just sleep on the couch while they get busy.

Trump sits, arms folded trying to keep up with a conversation probably via interpreter and he's just remembered a great Tweet he could do about Hillary .... and it's gone. 'why is this little German boy shouting at me?'    

PM Shinzo Abe of Japan or China or somewhere like that with the slitty eyes is showing support by mimicking Trump's folded arms. Like Trump he doesn't like strong women but it's a cultural cunt thing with him rather than just a misogynistic cunt thing that Trump has.  

Michael Bolton with the mustache looks like he'd rather be singing a ballad than being there getting torn a new one .... in fact she could just be telling them about her perfect Sunday because everything sounds angry in German. 

Bolton doesn't fold his arms as the other two beat him to it but he feels vulnerable so he hides behind a folder covering his soft bits. 

You are the American President, remember? No this is not the White House.  

Merkel has taken the table space but Macron tries to join in with a clenched hand on the table as if to say, "yeah what she said" he likes to appear tough as he's not well liked at home and still has the taste of Trump's cock in his mouth from earlier encounters. 

Theresa May is there as a gesture of politeness but no one has noticed her presence. Once Brexit goes through she may actually just fade from existence. What's the name of that little island between Ireland and France?  .... nope I can't remember.  Used to be Great something if you can believe that.   

Left in the photo is Larry Kudlow the Director of the US National Economic Council who supports Trump's tariffs because he likes having a job. Before this he was doing podcasts about Hillary and the Deep State and doing such a great job Trump hired the Elementary school drop out.  

People at the Summit think his name is Barry, even his name tag says it but he's just glad to be there. 

Then there is this picture where May goes for an authority table grab but no one notices. Justin Trudeau who is half angel and half human enters the frame and the room is filled with joy. The Japs have left so Trump is free to tell his not at all racist jokes:  "How do you blindfold a Japanese person? Put floss over their eyes."  .... everyone laughs cos it's true. 

While the G7 members were trying to appear relevant in Canada by putting Trump in his place yet sucking up to him the real power houses were trying on bling. 

Putin who for some reason is willing to meet with Trump at anytime got a best friend of China necklace.  Trump doesn't have one of those, he'll be raging. 

You have your G7 meetings, we'll just be passive aggressively mocking you.    

*Ukraine isn't in the EU or NATO and so the world's hands were tied over Crimea but Obama did set up an anti-Russian Neo-Nazi political party in Ukraine so he did something*  

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

As Long As They Aren't Missing White Kids

Illegal immigrants have been falling through the cracks for years and ending up at the mercy of people that treat them like a slave work force or traffic them for sex.

This has been going on since the Obama administration, he was nicknamed the Deporter in Chief and had deported a record amount of people during his 8 years.  Even last year in the UK over a hundred illegal immigrant children have gone missing.  The promise of a new life by people paid to smuggle them in only to be turned over to pedos.

First lets get this out of the way again. If you bomb people out of their homes then you should take them in it's your moral duty. The shit-holes countries are often poverty, famine and war ridden without bombs from the west so ask yourself this: 'What would you do for your family?' .... oh you'd die or kill for them. You talk big. How about breaking a few laws so they can live in shitty conditions but those shitty conditions are way better than where you came from?

If you say you wouldn't then you hate your family or are a privileged arsehole whose biggest obstacle in life has been to wait at the checkout for longer than 5 minutes.

Illegal or undocumented immigrants get nothing from the US government however young children will get some benefits and schooling. It's parents risking it all to give their kids a better life.

Plot twist: Obama was a bit of a cunt too, no matter what FB memes say.

Former Marine General John Kelly was the head of Homeland security. As the head of DHS he implemented Trump's massive crack down on immigrants. Immigrants coming in legally and illegally and those already in the US.

Kelly is a Trump 'YES' man and as a Marine not bothered with a thing called compassion if he has orders to follow. He happily rounded up thousands of people and harassed brown  people at airports from suspect countries even if their papers were all in order.

Then he got promoted to White House Chief of Staff because he showed he was the right kind of cunt for the job. Idiot Libtards took his face palms as meaning he was a good man trying to bring sanity to the White House.  They just saw what they wanted to see and ignored what he did at DHS.

Now it seems that 1,500 children placed with other care givers or sponsors, some being family members and others not related have gone missing.

It took US Department of Health and Human Services, Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan a while to think of a good excuse and they said that many of the sponsors just haven't gotten back to them.

HHS doesn't have to check up on the kids nor does it have to know where they are.  What the fuck is this fuckery about?  They are children for fucks sake... hey not our problem dude, we did our job, good enough for government work we say.

Just brown kids and hey their parents broke the law so lets blame them and the sponsors. Home of the brave and land of the free.  Was that ever true? There has always been some insidious agenda behind all the idealistic rhetoric.

This administration doesn't care about collateral damage in war or in immigration that has been shown many times over. What if it was your kids taken away and you not knowing to where?

From what Kelly and Sessions have said it looks like they will make an example of innocent children
in order to deter further illegal border crossings.

The ICE agents are just following orders .... that sounds awfully familiar.  You don't have to be a bigoted Nazi to work here .... but it helps.

Is this who America is now?

Thursday, 3 May 2018

This Is A Safe Space

There are buzz words and double speak for everything these days and it seems that it's very easy to offend people or for people to be offended on behalf of someone else.

You'd think that people getting offended left right and center would be Old Knudsen's paradise but it isn't cos it's has gotten totally ridiculous and out of hand. Old Knudsen is offended by stupid people.

Trump thrives on conflict because he doesn't have any of the answers so he makes his underlings stressed out in order to fix things. Kanye West has obvious substance abuse issues and tries to play the role of the out spoken negro but we know he secretly loves kale and himself more than anything .... but that's to mask his insecurities.

Kanye says stupid things like if he had bothered his ass to vote it would have been for Trump and that slavery was a choice because those lazy slaves didn't revolt fast enough against the heavily armed white people.

It's the same as those who said the Jews deserved the Holocaust because they didn't fight back. Well some Jews and some slaves did fight back and it didn't do them much good. The 2nd Amendment was actually created to arm whitey against the slave revolts that scared the fuck out of them.  Imagine white people being treated the same way as they treated the black people.

Then you have the other genocide against the Native Americans, they fought back and on one day Lincoln hanged 38 Sioux, it was going to be over 100 but the logistics and optics dude.

Lincoln, Mandela, Tesla are all almost saints because of convenient memories.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies to and berates the media on a regular basis. She gets called a liar on Twitter almost everyday because she lies. She goes on TV and she lies .... or she says I haven't spoken to President Trump about that.   She gets called a liar at the White House Correspondents dinner and people rush to her defense.... why?

Her appearance with the smokey eye? That woman fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. She is ugly inside and out.

Oh you should have let her off by saying she mis-spoke or some other crap. This is the reason Trump doesn't attend those dinners. Sure he'd tackle a gunman while unarmed but people making fun of him and calling him out for what he is way different.

He got roasted on Comedy Central and by Obama, no more for him. He isn't just a minor celeb anymore he's important now. He dishes it out .

Trump hasn't achieved much except help out his family and friends with their taxes but even they are turning on him so he talking about his only real success, the election. The one that he somehow won. Yeah slow hand clap for toxic Hillary.

Is science really fact? It used to be that smoking was good for you and we were preparing for an ice-age.  It's fact but not always right. To state that it's irrefutable fact goes against what science is. New technology shows us that much of what we once believed is incorrect. History too.

Science is taking the data and testing it until the same result keeps coming up. Peer reviewed too.It has to be flexible not rigid and set in stone as new data emerges all the time.

Climate Change is real and no doubt helped along by humans.  if you say well we don't have all the facts then people go into attack mode and say 98% of scientists agree. Yeah and they all probably published papers on it too and have job security.

We don't have all the facts. Like the brain we sorta have a clue but not the whole picture.

There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, or that a sugar rush even exists or that smearing vicks vapor rub on your feet stops coughing or Jewish slaves built the Pyramids .... but someone said it and others repeated and were gullible to believe it because you don't want to look stupid to the other stupid people do you?   

The same people that firmly believe what scientists tell them also believe there is more than two genders. Chromosomes don't lie. You are one or the other X or Y.  If you identify as something else then good for you but if a big fat fucker identifies themselves as a supermodel they still won't get any cat walk work.

Bruce Jenner identifies as a female yet still keeps his male junk. Lets stop being silly.

Liberals got called Snowflake or Libtard because they wanted fairness and equality. Then it turned out that it was the right wing that was more prone to crying and whining. OMG someone punched a Nazi vicious Liberals, what about the Nazi's right? .... Fuck the Nazis! .... I think we've heard what they have to say. Oh am I being a fascist by denying their right to speak? So the Allied soldiers that fought and died while fighting the Nazis are also fascists? Away an fuck!

Dirty Liberals want to take our guns but we demand the right to shoot children in schools. Then they turn on the school children for not wanting to get shot .... what a bunch of crisis actors paid by the deep state to speak out, just give em bullet proof back packs and arm the teachers. School supplies???? .... yeah plenty of 9 mil that's what school supplies are these days.

Many Trump supporters and Brexit voters are still refusing to admit they fucked up. If in doubt blame the other side for the shit show. Stupid Remoaners how dare they not trust the Tories.

Be it Nazis, shooting sprees or rape cases you'll usually find some white dudes at the center. Is that racist? .... well in the Middle East it's usually some brown dudes... 99% of the time it's always dudes. Time for a cull?

Old Knudsen is well fed up with the constant taking offense and the misery upmanship. This is from all sides and egged on by the media who will fixate on one thing.

People forget and move on too fast.  Obama, not that great but compared to Trump a fucking saint. He got a Nobel Peace Prize weeks into office for just not being G W Bush.  Now they are talking about giving Trump one.  What an insufferable bore he is, don't go making him worse.

Old Knudsen has to have a disclaimer wall on his blog in case anyone takes offense .... like the fucker that got one of his blogs taken down a while back. I have a long memory and a suspect.

If people have a problem like a small penis or too much time on their hands and they see something that they can take offense at .... I'm not saying they are actually offended.  They'll attack it and then support things like Politico pedos, cheating husbands and rape.

Harvey Wankstain is a terrible rapist Liberal ... Trump? well that's just women trying to get famous.

Old Knudsen's love affair with blogs and social media is well jaded, people are idiots. Critical thinking and decency are on the endangered list. Backstabbing and spreading lies seems to be all the rage instead.

Video games doesn't cause violence, it also doesn't cause a huge leap in military recruitment when the new Call of Duty game cums out.

Movies has minor characters killed all the time without a second thought and the audience doesn't care.  The car bomb in Kabul or whatever ... just minor characters right?

People not rooted in reality ... patriots ... nationalists etc, you want to blame someone, start there.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Hollow Prize

What do you do when you get there? That's what a young Adolf Hitler once asked me when we were talking about our hopes and dreams .... what ever makes you happy and don't listen to the losers that say you don't understand or that you'll fail.

In 2014 Trump said to me, 'oh that Obama is a cunt, someone needs to show him how to do his job' I replied, if you aren't in it you can't win it .... I was actually talking about the lotto but he seemed happy enough with my answer.

School shootings, gun control, dirty immigrants, terrorists, avocado shortages, royal weddings, kill the poor, sex tapes, liars and cheats.

Humans aren't that difficult to understand. It's not a great male and female divide, it's a non binary gender fluid gap now. If ya don't know what you are pull out yer chromosomes. Call yerself a mermaid or a unicorn if you like but the same science that says Climate Change is real says yer a douchebag.

Old Knudsen identifies himself as better than you .... that's all you need to know pleb.

All the talking heads just go round and round with their outrage forgetting it was the same outrage a month ago or a year ago.

"Life is just a rock tumbler full of shit"  ~ I don't often quote Jesus but on this occasion I shall.

It's all been said and done. People still resist it due to pride, ignorance, incorrect data or bribes. Others take to the streets hoping for change. 

You can't make jokes about the President when he's the ultimate in absurd humor. The joke stops being funny.

Standards have fallen and people get upset over the wrong things. We're still blaming the victims even though we all know the guy is a slime ball. 

History repeats itself because news cycles are doomed to get shorter and the last people that did it are dead.

You win then find out the prize is hollow. The sum of all knowledge is a stoopid car floating around space.

Change the faces, the names and a few slight details and you have the same thing happening over and over and did we learn, was it the war to end all wars? The great war for civilization? Do we vote then follow that vote no matter how stupid and damaging it is? Someone is making money from it and I bet it isn't you.

This blog is like Donald Trump's Tweets, you'll always find one from years back that fits today. I've said it all too many times over and over but did ya hear it?

Some day I might get my blood up and have to shout at the world but that's not today.

I know that I hung on a windswept tree nine long nights and all I got was this lousy t-shirt . 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Old Knudsen's Shame

Old Knudsen has not been online to much recently, that's why it's a much happier place to be. Old Knudsen isn't one of those fake Interweb people that just go around making rude comments ... no, he's a real person that goes around making rude comments you ugly fuckers.

2018 has been difficult. I eventually had to go into rehab for Tide Pod addiction. I was looking at my gunties and they were skid mark free. Plus the ladies loved the fresh detergent scent every time I farted but like all addictions there is a down side, even if yer living the clean life like wot I was.

Then I started to add a little fabric softener and before you know it I'm standing in Tecso going into Tesco rage cos they are out of stock Comfort and Shout the stain  remover makes me racist so I can't be having any of that. If only the Jews ran Tesco, they wouldn't run out.

The peace of rehab was interrupted by calls from the President of the US. That guy is so insecure.  I had just finished a job sending the Cubans a message with Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart committing suicide by shooting himself twice in the head but now he's still on about this Russian crap.

"Knudsen they are getting closer, can you not kill Mueller?"  .... Mueller is a tough SOB, I traded blows with him in 97, I just rub Republicans up the wrong way.  I told him I'd think about it.  Then what followed was a 35 minutes rant about how everyone hates him. Luckily Old Knudsen was on his commode.

I said Donny, do what makes you happy. Life is short. You want a parade you have one .... even though Americans can't march for shit, no snap to it. Play golf, make shit up it's all good.

The tax reform was a great hit all I hear is people saying how happy they are that the old tax system has been reformed. As for the stock market, I'm sure Hillary had a hand in that.

No one wants to hear about the Russians and the secret deals the current admin have been doing, the people want to know about Hillary's e-mails. How come she deleted those e-mails and didn't die because she didn't pass them on? That's the real story. 

Melania may be angry after the world found out about Stormy Daniels but she had just given birth and you aren't supposed to have sex for a while until they heal ... you were just being considerate. 

Sticking up for domestic violence abusers, well everyone has their good and bad points, perhaps they were asking for it, why should we judge? It's not very Christian to judge.

Ya know you think you have it bad until you hear about how the media is out to get you like they did with Jesus. So Old Knudsen is trying to recover and keep the world together too.    I just hope May doesn't phone me about Brexit, that's like trying to pick up a turd by its clean end.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Death Through A Lens

Mr and Mrs Loan in 1976

Nguyen Ngoc Loan wasn't famous for the hamburgers, pizza or Vietnamese food he served at his restaurant in the suburbs of Washington DC. After having a little trouble getting into the country he was allowed in to pursue the American dream which was still a real thing back then.

US Immigration and Nationalization Services wanted to deport him but Pulitzer prize winning Photojournalist Eddie Adams spoke up for him. 

This image of Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner Nguyen Van Lem that Adams took gave them reason to question letting him in. 

He was Brigadier General Nguyen Ngoc Loan at the time in 1968. Lem was a squad leader thought to be responsible for the murder of at least 30 civilians found in a mass grave. He also killed the wife and 6 children of a friend of Loan. 

Experts say the photo was taken at the exact moment the bullet entered Lem's little brain. Adams didn't think he was going to shoot him he thought he was just going to intimidate him or something. SURPRISE!  

Loan played an important role in the Tet Offensive keeping the troops together and preventing the fall of Saigon.  What he said after the shooting was, "If you hesitate, if you didn't do your duty, the men won't follow you." 

And that was why the skinny dying fucker was a General. Sometimes there is strength in showing mercy but if some fucker kills a load of men, women and children then kill him, he deserves worse. It was probably a better quicker death than he had given most of his victims.    

Loan was a hero for fucks sake. In the US rich men had bone spurs and there were riots about the war itself. You don't have to agree about the war but Loan was defending his homeland. 

Adams said that the General killed Lem and that he and his camera killed the General.  Word got out that it was Loan running the restaurant and business went down hill. While Adams had a career that won him over 500 awards, Loan was forced into retirement.  He died in 1998 from cancer. Adams himself died in 2004 from Lou Gehrig's disease. 

The picture is harsh and brutal to anyone that has lived a soft life and have never had to fight for survival. If it hadn't been taken no one would know and it would have gone along with the rest of the stuff people manage to never see. It still happens though whether there is a camera there or not. 

Who knows what your local restaurant owner, mechanic or plumber might of had to do to survive in another life.