Thursday, 18 August 2016

Yemen Gets No He Love

Why no love for Yemen? Sure it may be the poorest of the UAE nations but it's of strategic importance. After years of drone strikes on random poor brown people the US denies that it is in Yemen. Its embassy is closed down and the $20 million plus a year they get has stopped being sent.

The Job of the Vice President is to hope the actual president dies (great job LBJ) and to stop any standing orders at the bank. Joe Biden was seen in the queue at a Bank of America to stop any money payments to Yemen as soon as Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi fled the cuntry.

President Saleh with the rockstar formerly known as Gaddafi  

A little background. Since 2001 when the US needed Middle Eastern allies all of a sudden, Yemen got funds from the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative, $7.5 million of Soybean meal, $8.42 million from the U.S. for Foreign Military Financing (FMF) other programs gave them $924,000 to fight terrorism, $7.9 million for reasons, $10 million in Food and a further $5 million. 

It usually gets $20 - 25 million in aid a year. The US had a program to train Yemen military also because the US is soooo good at winning wars. This help ceased when Saleh used the military against the people. Also the US wasn't happy with the lack of help it was getting with tracking down four Al Qaeda chappies. 

40% of the prisoners at Gitmo are Yemeni and a deal was struck to release 360 militants, who knows where the fuck they went after getting out? Yemen doesn't know or care. 

In 2008 the US embassy was attacked but luckily it was 10 Yemeni civilians and police and not Americans that were killed or we'd never hear the end of it. The embassy closed in 2015.       

Hadi as sponsored by Obama.  

With Saleh too corrupt and volatile he made a deal to end his 33 year presidency and escape prosecution for shelling protestors and his soldiers sniping at civilians. Elections for the next president were held in 2012 and since his Vice President Hadi was the only candidate he won in a surprising 100% victory. More elections were to be held in 2014 and earlier this year but that sorta didn't happen. 

33 fucken years .... not even Putin has done that shit. 

The current conflict is the corrupt government with its US trained soldiers against various tribes. The main one we hear about is the Houthis, with their catchy slogan God Is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam they are bound to be popular. 

Hadi is now in exile with Saleh in Saudi Arabia and now the Saudi's are bombing the fuck out of the Yemeni people. The US wants nothing to do with this even though they sold the Saudi's the cluster bombs and re-fuel the planes but still .... not our war crimes says Obama, you can't pin this one on me, it was like that when I got there. 

  Do we even care? 
While all this fighting is going on ISIS and Al-Qaeda are busy killing people there too but no one cares. In March ISIS bravely stormed a nursing home and tied 4 nuns to a tree. They shot them and smashed their heads in. Sister Rio had hid and was able to tell the story.
Father Thomas Uzhunnalil the head of the mission is still being held captive.  
Coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia bombed the fuck out of a school principle, his wife and their 4 children at the weekend. Also a school was hit killing at least 10 children. A Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital was also hit killing 7. 
Later this week the Coalition plan to bomb an orphanage and maybe a home for stray kittens and puppies but who gives a fuck?
Tune in at 11 to see who has a beach ready bod and matching underwear, also Trump denies ever calling Hillary a sperm burping bukake loving hoor and says that it's probably definitely true as he races ahead in the polls. 
He added, "Yemen is tremendous, they love me there, Saddam was a good leader but they probably most definitely think that I'd be a better one, the Yemens and the Yewomen all love me there in Baghdad, great pizza, tremendous."   
Saudi Arabia are calling the shots. The US have lost Yemen and can no longer gain intel there. Their small special ops base may be closed like their embassy and they are now complicit in Saudi war crimes. 
The Saudis don't care about ISIS or Al Qaeda because what if the Houthis are getting help from the Iranians? 
The rumours are that the Iranians are helping and supplying weapons but this could just be Saudi bullshit to destroy the Houthis before Iran does help out. Iran has sent large amounts of troops to help Assad in Syria. Controlling the Bab al-Mandab strait is vitally important so best not to take a chance huh. 
Saudi don't seem to care about ISIS that much but do care about what the Iranians might be doing. This war in butt fuck Arabian peninsula isn't sexy enough for our western eyes. No one is going to be held for war crimes, the aim is to get a western friendly ass in control. Bomb the schools and hospitals, no one will be changing their profile pic over Yemen.   



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