Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fear Is Good

After a year of denying that there were any Russian troops fighting in the Crimean peninsula Russia absorbed Crimea into the Russian Federation in March 2014.

Putin has no fucks to give, what are EU sanctions doing to harm him anyways? The US is backing the neo-Nazi like Ukrainian government of Petro Poroshenko that was democratically elected with 54% of the vote.

Democracy like Climate Change is absolute and you are a moron to even question it. Two things that we are told are the final say. I'm sure that there is no US agenda at all with having an anti-Russian government in Ukraine. 

 Hello pretty lady, I'd like to annex you good and hard. 

Taking a page from the rule book of the west, Putin now uses 'terrorism' as an excuse to do shit. The FSB (modern day KGB) have said that they have foiled terrorist attacks planned by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Intelligence Services. They say they found 20 improvised devices that were going to be used on the peninsula's infrastructure and key facilities. One FSB officer was killed by these Kiev-organized terrorist groups. We know who they were cos that all had 'Stay calm and be a Kiev-organized terrorist'  t-shirts on.  

I'm having flashbacks and this time it isn't because I'm huffing the paint thinners. Russia have always been behind the times. It's only in the last 5 years have they discovered photoshop and film editing, now they are finding Bigfoot, UFO's and river monsters .... the shit we had in the 80's and 90's for fucks sake. 

The last time the US did this scare mongering was in 2014 with the Khorasan group. The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said they may pose as big as a threat to the US as ISIS do.  No one back in sandsavage land had heard of Khorasan so they were all scratching their heads about this big threat. 

Turned out that the US made it all up and were bombing one of the Jabhat Al-Nusra groups that had no intention of targeting the west. The public didn't fall for this one but it was a good try, worthy of Bush. I told you Obama was a sleekit devious shite. 

So in response to future potential terrorist attacks the Russian government has increased its intelligence agencies   sent in the latest anti-aircraft defense system S-400 Triumph. Cos that is what you do with terrorists. Remember in Belfast the surface-to-air missile launchers patrolling the streets in case anyone threw a brick? .... no neither do I.   

To combat terrorism you don't send in troops, you don't bomb from planes, you don't send in drones or launch surface to air rockets. Unless of course you want to kill everyone and not just the terrorists. Doing that creates loss and hatred that wasn't there before and thus creates more terrorists. Good for business if selling arms and protection is yer business though.  

If you get to live long enough you get to see history repeat itself and the same patterns of creating fear and keeping that fear alive rather than finding peace becomes ever so clear. Edward Heath was the British Prime Minister during the time of the Military Reaction Force. That was a unit of British soldiers who dressed in civvies and used the weapons preferred by the IRA went around Catholic neighbourhoods shooting dead any groups of people they saw. They didn't have to be IRA suspects, just Catholic.  

They hoped that the Loyalist paramilitaries the UVF would get the blame and these terrorist groups would fight amongst themselves and leave mainland Britain alone.

People question if life long bachelor Heath was ghey or a pedo rather than his death squads. Who cares if a 24 year-old mother was killed at random while she sat in a car? .... he was kinda weird huh, a pedo maybe?  
These hand picked men (40 of them) from the SAS, Royal Marines and Paras were legal death squads designed to bring terror to the streets the same way as the terrorists did. Even as the IRA announced peace talks in 1972 the MRF were out shooting civilians to dislodge these talks. 

There is money to be made and liberties to be trampled during times of conflict. While the IRA, UVF etc are scumbags it turns out that the British government (long before Thatcher)  were scumbags too. Democratically voted in scumbags so excuse me the fuck if I question democracy. Majority does not mean it's the right choice ....  see 2 terms of Bush, Scottish independence and Brexit for fucks sake. 

So SAM's (surface to air missiles) in Ukraine to guard against terrorism and to allegedly keep their bases in Syria safe. In 2015 these missiles were deployed to the Arctic region, north of the Polar Circle ... because you just never know where those terrorists,  Kiev-organized, ISIS, Khorasan or the IRA might strike next. 

There are no good guys. The UK had soldiers dressed as civilians killing Fenians (which they got medals for) or assassinating (UK citizens)  terrorists without a trial as well as invading most of the known werld at one time in their history. The US have invaded, backed terrorist groups and continue to overthrow and set up puppet governments. Russia annexes the Crimea, supports dictatorships as well as killing its own political opposition. China is taking over territories and building airstrips further and further out to increase it's deployment range for some unknown reason (the big war of 2020)  and poor cowardly France gets attacked by individuals and then bombs the fuck out of someone 1000 miles away in revenge.      
You shake in fear about terrorists and what if the refugees are terrorists but never stop to think, 'why are they killing us and how were they made?' Shit doesn't just happen, cause and effect is at werk even on a cellular level. 

Treat the people like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them on shit. There isn't much you can do but at least you can be awake. I don't mean the "experts" that question if Sandyhook or 9/11 even happened or if big pharma are withholding the cure for cancer or if the Clintons are mysteriously killing off staffers but not the people that Bill has tapped. 

Question motives and why you are supposed to be afraid. You are as likely to be killed by terrorists as much as you'll have yer computer hacked (not by spam bots) or be attacked by karate experts. 

If you ever wonder why certain governments are doing what and where. It isn't like the movies, distance and a delivery system have always been issues which is why Japan launched random incendiary hot air balloons at the US west coast during WWII and not planes or rockets. Also why terrorists haven't used a rusty Russian nuke on a western city.

Lil Kim in North Korea has the issue of keeping it up, Iran would also have that issue but they are closer to western civilization. If I was going to use a werd that wasn't profit on how to describe the state of the werld today it would be deployment.  

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