Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Faith Healing On The NHS

People are stupid, when stupid people become fearful or desperate that stupidity only gets worse. Throw in some religion and you have stupidity more closer to drain bamage.  The horror it must be when parents are told that their child has cancer. Unless their kid is a cunt of course and they never wanted children anyway.

Josh Martin aged 14 from Northern Ireland was rushed to the hospital a year ago and had some tumours removed from his abdomen. Then what followed were months of chemotherapy, surgery and hospital stays.

It turned out that he didn't need any of that shit. What the fuck do doctors and nurses have to do with healthcare anyways? Would we even get ill if we didn't have hospitals? Those places are germ factories where you go to die, Ben Carson told me.

Josh and his parents had something far stronger than surgeries and chemo, they had faith. Well obviously their faith wasn't very good a year ago for him to get cancer, maybe Josh started to play with himself more or maybe his parents who are pastors at Bangor Elim Church were cheating on each other or gambling or something, anyways God sent cancer their way probably to make them stop being so fucking smug and pious as pastors tend to be.

So thousands of people prayed for Josh and his hashtag and his cancer is now totally gone .... for the moment. The question is why did they waste so much tax payer money? Why did they just not pray to start off with? I hope that those thousands with the praying have all stopped going to the doctor every time they are ill, just pray that unwanted baby away because God is listening.

 Is she real? 
Josh has said that he knew that God was looking out for him and that he would be ok .... Wow Josh, aren't you just so special, you must be going to do something great like um cure cancer or herpes. Maybe you'll design a really realistic sex doll, yeah, God wants that.

When Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head at the age of 15 she was flown to the UK for surgery and healthcare, when she got better and talked to the press she thanked God for her recovery, she didn't thank him for the bullets though.

When will we learn our lesson? Teenagers are ungrateful fuckwits that have their heads up their holes. Many people, not deities saved the lives of those two twatwaffles. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, caterers, the guy at the powerstation, whoever invented surgery, the bloke that delivered the meds, blood donors, tax payers blah blah blah .... the people that taught those people how to do their jobs and above all some good fortune.

God had nothing to do with it unless you go with the whole 'we are god' thing but religious people are usually one dimensional thinkers and need to have a being called God. This is God's will, this is God's word, Obama is horrible I will make America great again, death to the great Satan! .... oops sorry, I got carried away with the forced soundbite of the fanatic.

Seriously people, give credit to those who did the werk.      

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