Monday, 21 September 2015

Cameron Defends His Pig Sex Act

I'm gonna look after you real good.

A book by Lord Micheal Ashcroft, the spurned lover of British Prime Minister David Cameron describes how Cameron (during his university years) put his penis into the mouth of a dead pig as an initiation into the Piers Gaveston society, a private club well known for its drug and drink fueled excesses,child sacrifices and Satanic rituals and orgies. 

The claim cums from several MP's who have seen photographic evidence of the act. Pig fucking/love making has recently become a trend with celebs and politicians such as Richard Dawkins and many of the GOP White House nopefuls in an attempt to show their disdain for Islam. 
Donald Trump starts every political rally with a pig hump to whip the crowd into a frenzy, of course only leggy blonde pigs.   

In a statement Mr Cameron said, "I have nothing against the swarms of benefit sponging migrants or against the rising tide of Islam in general, I was young, high as a kite and in my defense she was a totally babe .... at least it was a severed pig's head and not a chubby intern lol."   


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