Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Royal Family Are Nazis

Back in the day it was ok to be a Nazi, people loved being Nazi because who doesn't like flags and parades? Instead of reading the paper and shaking yer head and saying, "It's the bloody immigrant's fault" or even the Jews because Europe has always been quite anti-Semitic you'd be reading in the paper that it is their fault.

Christian white people were told that they weren't white trash and that they were special and chosen by an imaginary being in the clouds .... who wouldn't want to believe that? I wish that Superman would chose me like he did Lois Lane, is that too much to ask for?

 Even Americans loved being Nazis.

Seeing Princess Elizabeth with her mother and uncle Edward doing a Nazi salute in 1933 shouldn't be a shock. She was 7 for fucks sake .... then again her mother wasn't 7 .... ah the beloved Queen mother, what a very special lady. Edward VIII was a well known Nazi sympathizer.

   Explaining why the dog smells terrible even without a nose to Joseph Goebbels in 1937.

Ever since Hitler came to power in 1933 he had tried to set Edward up with German girls to get him even more connected to Germany. Edward naturally leaned towards the fascism of Germany as many of his kind did and he hated the Bolsheviks of Russia for killing his godfather Tsar Nicholas II and family in 1918.

In 1967 Prince Philip said about visiting Russia, "I would like to go to Russia very much, although the bastards murdered half my family."

 Sir Oswald Mosley and his British fascists. 

Hitler had wanted to set Edward up as a puppet king of England after Germany had invaded of course and even planned to kidnap Edward. Churchill made Edward the governor of the Bahamas to keep him out of trouble and to keep an eye on him.

I'm sure that Nazi sympathies in the royal family didn't just end at Edward. Due to the deaths in 1918 the royal family took notice of what the public thought because hey if it could happen in Russia .... It was in 1917 during WWI that they changed their name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to disassociate themselves from the Germans they were fighting, though it did take them 3 years of war to do it. 

 The English football team that the German Olympics were all pleased to be Nazis, it's what you do right? 

Not everyone at the Olympics felt the need to be polite to evil monsters. USA USA!

The Nazis thought they were the master race, they thought they were somehow naturally superior, the British royal family would never think that would they? I'm sure the British royal family think they are just as good and no better than the average person on the street .... NOT!

   Some families are just superior and born to rule  .... eh Hilary? 

Being a royal must be a real mind fuck. You get taught from an early age how different you are, how special you are with people begging for a wave and everything being done for you. The main thing they teach the royals is to not show how rich and privileged you are to the public because public opinion is a fickle beast. 

Privileged and out of touch.

Prince Harry lets it slip because he's young dumb and full of ginge. The PR machine then goes into overtime and you soon forget a couple of years ago and everyone loves him. 

Maybe Harry should be going to tolerance museums rather than Vegas. 

I'm sure there is one side of the royal family we see in public and one side we don't see, we don't know these people, we see them over the years and watch them grow up but we don't know them.  

Spoiled, pampered, entitled and probably well Nazi orientated, it shouldn't be a big shock. I think the shock is that the Queen managed to hide it for so long.   


Cathy said...

I always heard of and read about the British connections to Germany under Nazi regime but in the context of those times, did they really know what they were doing? It was de requere (sp) to chummy up to the ruling power of early 20th century Germany wasn't it? I'm trying to see all this in another light. Not doing so

Old Knudsen said...

I doubt the Royals and aristocrats cared much about common person and I know that many felt "threatened" by the Jews so I believe they just went with it. Edward VIII probably didn't give up the throne for love but was more likely pushed out which did upset Hitler's plan to have a German friendly king on the English throne.