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The Dukes Of Hazard Made Me A Racist

A CNN/ORC poll has 57% of Americans seeing the Confederate flag as a symbol of southern pride rather than one of racism.
I love these polls, where did they poll these people, at a KKK meeting? "Uh we're not racist, we just want to see the advancement of white people in America."

42% of Americans don't believe in evolution which seems a tad high ... 51% voted for GW Bush the second time, then again the choice was Kerry. I think it's time we stopped asking for the opinion of the American people. 

A burning cross on my lawn .... must be a symbol of Southern pride.

Did they ask the 13% of black people in the US if they saw it as a symbol of hate? Black people are so touchy and probably see a burning cross on their lawn as a sign of hatred. We don't hate you, we are hating with you. 

Southern pride? I dislike when folks put pride after things, that only works for ghey pride because they want to make love not war but black, brown or white pride is just racist shit stirring. If yer proud to be an inbred hillbilly descended from the great haters of Ulster and Scotland then ... um you don't aspire to much do you? I'm proud to be right handed ... what the fuck does that even mean? Proud that luck and fate made you what you are?  Just say yer glad you weren't born colored and be done with it.  

I used to watch the Dukes of Hazard (started 1979) since there was not much else on the other 2 channels we had. A bit of a change from hearing how many people got blew up or shot which is what our daily news consisted of. We in Northern Ireland were already predisposed to sectarian leanings so it wouldn't take much to go racist except we didn't have any black people then, only a few Chinese in the odd Takeaway restaurant.      

Acceptable racism was already beamed into our homes, who didn't like a bit of Al Jolson? ... well I didn't for one. The Black and white minstrel show was on as well as other comedians doing sketches in blackface. The TV watershed was 9pm so bad things like mild swearing and nudity only happened then, we could switch off to avoid those evil things ..... so therefore any thing before 9pm was family friendly.

Where de white wimin at?

We had Golliwogs on our jam and marmalade, they did promotions where you could get Golliwog pins to wear, Golly watches and cups.  Old Knudsen even had a Golliwog plush doll he inherited from somewhere.     
Robertsons who made the jam had a golly on their label since 1910 and it was the son of the company founder who had first seen the Golly dolls on a trip to America. It later became a children's book character but was dropped by Robertsons in 2001 when they realised that modern kids didn't relate to it and so Roald Dahl characters took over.

Does this look racist? ... looks like Golly pride to me.   

In 2013, Cllr Dawn Barnett was defending a local shop which was selling golliwog drinks mats. said, "I said I can see no harm in them. They are nostalgic, I'm 72 years old. My generation grew up with them."

Which brings us back to the problem. In Northern Ireland you have kids joining kick the pope bands and becoming Catholic hating paramilitaries or flegging Loyalists and the same on the other side with the Catholics hating Prods. They grew up and were raised like that, the same why their parents were raised and their parents .... does that mean it was ok? Caning in schools, smoking on airplanes .... was that ok too?  

Whites flying the southern cross and going on about southern pride which in essence oppresses another group of people as surely as the Loyalists oppress the Fenians, is that doing any harm? 

Making racism an everyday and normal thing because we see it everyday.  

The Dukes of Hazard is a bad TV show, it's TV junk food that will never satisfy yer need for entertainment. Old Knudsen never liked it, car stunts and yon skinny bird with the flat ass and big teeth.

John Schneider, the blonde guy from the Dukes of Hazard has come out against the plan to remove it from TV because of the Confederate flag. Well of course he does, just like how Bob Geldof has dined out on 'I don't like Mondays' Schneider no doubt gets residuals from the show and does conventions.

The guy who played the mechanic has 3 DOH! museums as well as being a Republican politician .... of course he's Republican.

 The very white cast of the Dukes of Hazard, the odd black actor got small recurring roles. 

So Bo and Luke Duke, two young beef cakes to appeal to yer taste of blonde or dark, drove around in a muscle car called the General Lee and had a Confederate flag on the roof. Many cars had that in the 50's and 60's ... nothing to do with the civil movement I'm sure.

They are young and free and fight against an incompetent government with corrupt law men. Nah no hidden story in there.
With big shining teeth they bring their symbol of racism into yer home without even saying it's racist and have you rooting for them. They make racism seem so cool and fun and what about Daisy Duke's legs? I think I may have seen some giblets one week.

Boss J.D. Hogg was the Commissioner of the county, he was fat (like a pig) and hated the Dukes which is odd as his initials were Jefferson Davis the Confederate president. He had an identical brother named Abraham Lincoln Hogg who liked the Dukes and was honest as the day it long ... if Abe likes them then they must be the good guys huh?

 Coy and Vance Duke .... the clone replacements.

When the Bo and Luke actors had pay disputes they refused to film so a couple of Duke cousins were brought in. After the ratings dropped the pay disputes were handled. I'm amazed the viewers noticed the difference. 

Northern Ireland has done all of this and are still doing it so I know more about it than you do. I've heard all the excuses and justifications to be a dick. I've heard all the responses designed to belittle the feelings of others. "Intimidated by a flag? Well that person show take a good look at themselves." 

No, they are intimidated by hoods who can put up symbols of hate without the police stopping them. I'll fight any fucking fleg, give me a lighter.  

Northern Ireland has its blacks .... we call them Catholics and they have had to fight for their civil rights of jobs and education and to be equal. Northern Ireland also has its unofficial flag made up by the Loyalists for the government of 1953 - 1972 and it still flies on council property and buildings today. Many Catholics see the flag as a symbol of sectarianism but to the Loyalists it's no big deal, it's their fleg and it stands for Ulster, its heritage and history. 

   If you can't find the problem then you might be a flegger.

The red hand is an Irish Gaelic symbol and was mentioned in a story about Ulster having no heir so two blokes had a race by boat and the first to touch shore would claim Ulster. Labraid Lámh Dhearg who didn't think things through .... he just fucking did it lobbed off his hand and threw it to shore. 

His servant asked him why didn't he just cut off a finger instead of his sword hand and Labraid Lámh Dhearg said, DOH! (not Dukes of Hazard) and he face palmed himself with a bloody stump causing everyone to erupt in laughter ... until he had them executed that is, a right sore loser even when winning. So It could have been the red finger of Ulster which is what I get when me hole is itchy. 

Since that time the people of Ulster have been given the Gaelic name Tick as fook which means something brave and noble probably. What a stoopid story, I made up the face palming bit BTW.  

The St George cross means we want to be English even though we hate the fuckers, the crown means we are a part of the UK and are ruled by the crown whether the Fenians like it or not and the star of David is for the Protestant Israeli fetish and the Masons which was very powerful back then, now it has been diluted and is the Orange Order with less power, education and money yet they still think they are a lost tribe of Israel .... a pasty white blue eyed non-circumcised tribe of Israel. 

Just like the Golliwog cups and watches.

So the DOH rewrote history by being friends with Abraham Lincoln Hogg because Lincoln is far more popular than Jefferson Davis. They show up in yer home around 5pm as you are having dinner with the jolly theme tune, "Just the good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm, beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law, since the day they was born" so career criminals then, great example for the kids. 

Having the confederate flag being seen as a symbol of defiance against the oppressive system, like a couple of modern day Robin Hoods ..... I don't recall Robin Hood supporting slavery though. The A-Team were wanted criminals who helped people but they were black friendly with no bigoted undertones so it wasn't the same though that was shite TV too.

Hogan's Heroes gets mentioned because it has Nazis in it but is it making the Nazis out to be good ol boys? No, they are making them out to be the fools they were.

In Old Knudsen's experience good ol boys means white with bigoted backwards views, the kind that don't like outsiders or neggers, the kind who marry their cousin and tell you you've got a purdy mouth.  Go to America's deep south for examples or Ballymena if you want ... though who would want? 
The DOH doesn't need to be removed from those crappy TV land channels, if you go looking for it then you deserve to watch it. I don't care if I never see it ever again but it's just a shite TV show with terrible plots and acting. The Confederate flag does need to be removed since its very existence was to fight against abolition. The kind of racism the DOH had was white noise racism .... which I totally made up, it goes on in the background and is never mentioned as being racist so yer world view is never challenged. If you see murals and flags all the time you don't give them a second thought unless you wake yourself up.

Many in the south didn't own slaves because they were poor white trash. Imagine how good they felt about themselves because they weren't at the bottom of the pecking order. They got to treat others like shit and be like the rich folk in a way. Now the president is black .... lol!   

It's July and many families in Northern Ireland will be going to the Protestant band parades because it's what they do and it's what their parents did, it's their heritage .... like owning slaves was southern heritage. 
The symbols of hate will be rolled out but it's ok cos it is their side doing the hating, they just can't let the Catholics get too equal because with the Prod lower birthrate and underachieving school results they will then be at the bottom of the shit heap. White noise sectarianism. The worse fear bigots have is those they have oppressed getting the upper hand on them and maybe treating them how they were treated.

Put more thought and attention into what you see and what you don't find offensive and ask why would 13% of the population find it offensive? 

Break away from the your side and their side or what you've always seen and done thinking and just try not to be a dick because you don't like the way things are. 

Why is it not ok to wear a Nazi uniform to a Holocaust museum? Does being offensive have to be so obvious and spelled out to you?   

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