Thursday, 9 July 2015

Peter And Son The Work's Never Done

A top DUP politician and his son have been accused of taking money in return for using their positions of power and connections for favours.  

We here at Old Bitter Balls do not name names until there is positive proof of said indiscretions. If you have been following the blog of Flegger extraordinaire Jamie Bryson  you'll see that he has similar stories about Peter Robinson and his coke addicted son Gareth 'the fixer' Robinson taking payments for arranging business deals and using their influence ..... the sort of thing Prince Andrew was doing in between fucking under aged sex slave gurls.

 Hey Snowman, you may need to go wipe your nose.

While waiting in line for tickets for him and his wife at the Titanic centre in Belfast, Bill Watson from Norwich .... England was told that the next Titanic tour would be after 3pm, that was over 2 hours away. 
"What can you do in Belfast for 2 hours?" I asked the boy behind the counter said Bill, the cashier shrugged and answered, "have a crisp sandwich." 

They were approached by two shady looking men and asked if they wanted to buy tickets for the next tour in 15 minutes for £5,000. The older fellow said that his son 'the G man' had to desperately see someone named Charlie but was short of cash. It was only until he reduced the price down to £600 did we buy the tickets. They looked very pleased and shouted YEEEOOOHHH!

It was utter crap by the way and Doris left there with a headache. 

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