Sunday, 12 July 2015

Deserting Daesh In The Desert

For 25 year- old aspiring rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary the promise of Nutella wasn't enough to keep him in line, he was after a different kind of chocolate spread. He is one of the 50 westerners disillusioned with Daesh. They are told they are special and how a great life awaits them and before they know it they are slogging about in 110 degree getting shot at and getting sand in their jam sandwiches.

Abdel Bary from the tough and mean middle class streets of Maida Vale West London joined Daesh in 2013 and has done a lot of posing and mouthing off at the west, "blah blah blah death, blah blah blah behead you all, blah blah blah infidel scum" this was enough to move up in the ranks from camel jockey to social media mouth piece. He has even been seen holding severed heads probably from some tied up unarmed captive.

Last month Daesh got sick of him cos he's a bit of a dick, even for them so he was to be promoted to suicide bomber. Not ready to accept his 72 virgin goats he did a runner to Turkey when Daesh suffered a defeat at Tal Abyad. Pretending to be a refugee he faces death from Daesh and if he returns to the UK he faces a very stern talking to and maybe a curfew if they want to make an example out of him.

 My shirt is done up and my brim is flat, I live with me mam ya I am a total twat ... word.

Before all of this he stated that he had given up music .... or rather rapping for Allah but now he says, "fuck that shit" and luckily for us he is back to slaying us in rhyme. His last tweet from a ditch in Turkey is his latest lyrical waxing. I must warn you it is da bom but don't worry, it's not an IED heh heh ..... some insurgent rapper humour there.          

"I'm on the run from ISIS, cos they don't like us, they want to shoot me, cos I like male booty, but that ain't a sin, I just slip my lad in, now they want me to explode, like a stepped on toad, so I'm headin north, bravely running away, peace out to my homies, init Gov." 

Not Old Knudsen's cup of tea but I'll be singing that one all day.

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