Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dead Cat Makes The Headlines

End of the road for you Mr Pickles.

A road worker in County Kerry .... Ireland caused international outcry when he painted over a dead cat lying by the side of the road. The worker who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of his safety claims to not have seen the cat and that he did stop "the facking truck"

Irish president Michael Higgins has yet to make a comment on the matter but Taoiseach Edna Kenny .... who is  actually a man despite the name released the statement, "we are all in a state shock that something like this could ever happen here"  which was also the reaction his office sent out at the news of a horse called Hint of a Tint winning the big race on day two of the Galway Festival. We suspect they were on their lunch when we sent them our e-mail.

Will this cut short Obama's tour of Africa? ... I bet he hopes so.

Top English detective Sherlock Holmes has suggested that the cat painted its own legs, lay on the line and killed itself to get the road worker into trouble because cats are cunts like that.

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