Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Winter Is Coming

The road, One of the most miserable movies ever!

If you don't learn from history then you are doomed ~ C-3PO. I forget most history because having been alive for so long my brain deletes shit or I'd be a mass of psychological issues, imagine Old Knudsen being a mass of psychological issues .... killing prostitutes because he was never hugged as a child is bad enough, not that Old Knudsen ever does that because that would be wrong and probably illegal. 

Going to a prostitute for a hug is like going to a McDonald's for a salad.

I just want to remind you all about 536 AD, what you don't remember? In 536 AD there was a dust cloud that hung in the sky from Europe to Asia, it lasted between 12 - 18 months and affected the world for 10 years afterwards. 

Michael the great, the head of the Syriac Church said: "The sun became dark and its darkness lasted for one and a half years... Each day it shone for about four hours and still this light was only a feeble shadow...the fruits did not ripen and the wine tasted like sour grapes."

Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus said: "So we have had a winter without storms, spring without mildness, summer without heat".

The Annals of Ulster reported a failure of bread from the harvest in 536 AD. No Veda, not worth thinking about it's just too depressing.

Anonymous wrote: "The sun began to be darkened by day and the moon by night, while ocean was tumultuous with spray, from the 24th of March in this year till the 24th of June in the following year... and the following winter in Mesopotamia was so bad that  from the large and unwonted quantity of snow the birds perished."

Now a days Anonymous just calls you a fucker and wishes death onto you for voicing an opinion. 

All the accounts from the time say the same thing, shit got serious.

Beijing weather forecast, chewy with a hint of diesel and rocket fuel ... at least it's dry.  

China couldn't see all the usual stars in the sky and two years after 536 AD they would get summer snows, frosts, drought and severe famine which killed off 80% of the population. 

Tree rings from North and South America, Europe and Siberia all record slow growth 10 -15 years after the dust veil had gone so things did not get much better for a long time, adding to that the outbreak of smallpox across Europe. Dark ages? More like the fucked up ages. 

Things were so bad that in Scandinavia that up to 90% of the population died. We know this from the deserted villages, and the huge amounts of gold offered as sacrifice shows they were pretty desperate.

So what caused this to happen? Old Knudsen's first thought was a meteor strike, ya know like the one that caused the Ice-age and killed the dinosaurs. That is one of the theories and two undersea craters have been found off the coast of Australia and Norway 11 and 7.4 miles wide respectively that fit the bill. 

Due to the acidity found in Greenland's ice core samples the better theory points to a volcanic winter ... though they also found debris from possible impacts. Science ideed, call it Guessience instead.

El Salvador’s Lake Ilopango volcano erupted around that time, scientists don't have an exact date but can pinpoint it to a couple of decades using radiocarbon dating and tree ring analysis. Ilopongo is still alive and active so it could very well happen again. 

Or it could have been Mount Tambora of Indonesia, the Rabaul volcano of Papua New Guinea or even Krakatoa ... hey maybe it was meteors and volcanoes or numerous volcanoes .... combined with dragon attacks. 

It was a time when people starved and if you shared yer food with yer fellow man you'd starve too so cunts who hoarded and were mean rose to the top and the plague meant you were quite paranoid too. Maybe that explains why people today are so slow to help others, deep rooted fear from previous lives.

Did such events or previous events go towards adding to Norse mythology? The Fimbulwinter is three successive long winters where snow comes in from all directions, without any summer. During this time blood ties would mean nothing, incest will make a come back and brothers will kill brothers .... probably over who gets to shag Ma. 

Fimbulwinter was the run up to the Norse Ragnarok, I'm sure the events of 536 AD with 90% of people dying would make you think it was Ragnarok, the end of the world  or maybe it dated back to 650 BC when the Nordic cuntries climate became a lot colder .... damn you climate change! 

That climate change thing that people get their panties in a bunch over, as if they could do something about it. In the 1300's there was more than 20 years on ongoing famine due to excessive rain that destroyed the crops, this led to many a war and invasion.  

The thing is that as we spin around in space it may not seem like it but our existence could just turn on a moments notice. The drought in Callyfornia or Taiwan due to over population, poor water conservation and the lack of monsoon rains or the constant snow that North America seems to be getting the last few years, all it takes to remind you just how little we are is a volcano in Iceland to erupt and stop all air traffic in northern Europe. 
Events we don't even glance at on the news can lead to the perfect storm of disaster by then it's too late to act .... Why didn't someone do something 5 years ago?    

 Radiation from Fukushima has reached the Canadian coast.

This shit has been going on for centuries, it's with typical human arrogance that we blame mankind for it, as if we have a say. We build nuclear power plants on seismic faults on the place known to Geologists as the ring of fire because of its active volcanoes, we are that dumb. I'm surprised we've lasted as long as we have. 

Mother Nature can just decide enough is enough and one of her many volcanoes might just blow its top and then a can of beans will finally be an acceptable method  of payment for sex workers ... yay! Cos I have loads.   

Nature will always find a way, maybe that is what she has been doing over the centuries.

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