Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FEMA Death Camps To Close

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it has spent nearly $7 billion in New Jersey alone two years after Superstorm Sandy struck.

Clearing debris, restoring boardwalks and rebuilding critical facilities are not cheap, nor are the flood insurance claims with survivors getting paid $3.5 billion.

A spokesperson for FEMA has stated that of the 800 secret FEMA death camps set up around the US for operation New World Order, at least 1 in every four will have to close causing 345 job loses in the areas as well as millions of dollars in loses to contractors.

KBG a subsidiary of Halloburton had the contract for the over billing for items and services provided by government contractors and now have to close 3 of its offices. The paper work for doing so is estimated to cost the government $43 million.    

FEMA made the mistake of buying $1 billion worth of plastic coffins just before Hurricane Sandy hit in October of 2012. The plastic air tight coffins were to be used to store a huge amount of dead people that a controlled Ebola outbreak would kill but who can predict natural disasters? Obviously in light of the funding troubles the CDC didn't go ahead with a full Ebola outbreak.

Other agencies preparing for various scenarios have also inadvertently caused these jobs loses, not just bad timing and a superstorm but the vying for funds.

The Department of Homeland security have been hoarding ammo to starve out the gun owning population who can hold on to their guns as in the constitution but won't have any bullets.

The DHS refuse to take blame for any of the funding cuts to other departments as they say they have signed the contract for only 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years, that is roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States .... Americans are big folk, you need at least 9 or 10 to put one down so really that isn't a lot of ammo.    

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA really have to shoulder most of the blame, it was their High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) base in Alaska that caused superstorm Sandy anyways. 

HAARP was responslibe for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Oklahoma, tornado of 2013, a landslide in 2006 in the Philippines, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and since it's also mind control not just weather control it is also responsible for the rise of the Kardashians. 

While the much publicized Alaska station has closed as a wrist slap for too many natural disasters in the wrong places there are others all over the world in the various places that the US have taken an interest in. 

News of government agencies with funding trouble has to be depressing news for the man in the street. Welfare and foodstamp recipients have offered to take a cut in order to help them out. Schools have already reduced the amount of learning they are giving out and the healthy school lunches as endorsed by Michelle Obama are smaller and cost a third of what lunches were when the USDA were selling downer cows in meat products .... meat has now been replaced with a less expensive, healthy alternative substance that resembles meat if meat was grey and mushy.  

DARPA is one of the most successful government agencies with its constant news of war robots that amazes and distracts you all the while doing something totally devious. An online petition with 435,000 signatures asks the government to fulfill Obama's promise of prolonged detention for people who "might" cause a crime and each person signing wants to volunteer for this.

The true sheeple

Ever since 2003 the world saw the rise of an evil dynasty more insidious than the Clintons or the bush family have ever been. 
HAARP made the US population and many of those outside the US susceptible to brain wave programming, now 12 years on we are still constantly bombarded with Kim Kardashian selfies and fat butt pictures and even the Da wants to be a woman .... who makes this shit up? .... oh that's right, the evil genius' at DARPA.  

Bruce Jenner went from an all American hero heart throb to ...

Becoming Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Saying that though dude looks like a lady.

Old Knudsen can't take it anymore, OMG what are Kim and Kayne up to? OMG what are the other Kardashians that pose all the time doing and are their Instagram pics photoshopped to make them look better?

OMG Bruce wants rid of his dick but he still wants to date weemen???? Well played DARPA with yer HAARP, now you've reduced the population to useless meat sacks who can't process real information and believe everything they read you've got no where to put them because FEMA are closing their death camps.

Their plastic coffins were sold on e-Bay at a fraction of what they were worth so what are we all to do?
A typical government fuck up DHS don't have enough rounds for all the people and no camps to intern them in. Write to yer representative and demand to be locked away in solitary or into a death camp with no Wi-Fi.

People complain about the over crowding prisons but they get 3 hots and a cot, free healthcare and solitary if they shiv a screw ..... fucking criminals are yet again better off than the law biting peeple.     

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