Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Fight Club

Violence is never the answer .... Unless the question is How do we stop these crazy fuckers from killing or invading us? or Should I defend myself or my family from harm? or How should we treat violent offenders, rapists and pedos? or How can I get rid of all this nervous energy? ..... So screw that, violence is very often the answer.

The first rule of Old Knudsen's Boxing day fight club is 'you never blog about Old Knudsen's Boxing day fight club' unless you blog about it of course.

Kim Jong un got a flying visit from the fist of justice for being an uptight evil dictator. He certainly puts the dick in dictator. You know who uses hacking as a weapon? .... Nations with shite armies that's who.
Old Knudsen is highly suspicious as it actually succeeded. North Korea isn't used to having success at anything so are the Guardians of Peace really the NSA or Homeland security? ... wouldn't surprise me.

Nigel Farage, the man stuck in the 70's and 80's got a good fisting for being a self-entitled, misogynist racist. We used to call coloureds golly wogs back in the old days and patted women on the bums and kept them in the kitchen and no one ever got offended .... Aye sure they didn't.

Well to do Plantations had Negroes working for free and who you could whip or shag whenever you wanted cos you owned them ..... Didn't make it right.

Ukip, a political party based on xenophobia and hoping that you are dissatisfied enough to vote for them without asking too many questions about their policies. No wonder it attracts BNP and Britain First types.    

Since Paul Golding of Britain First doesn't accept challenges from professional fighters he got a surprise pounding of righteousness. Hi-jacking the poppy appeal and invading mosques with yer shoes on and pushing the old clerics about got him a good slappin .... His thugs use the Queen's crown on their logo (unauthorized usage) and they wear flat caps which is just not on.  

I then got him arrested for that haircut.   Did you get a free pair of knickers with that haircut? cos you look like a right cunt.


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