Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Between The Lions

Big fat foreign actor Gerard Depardieu has often told the story about how he was in Africa and shot two lions in self defense ... like you do.

The car he was in broke down in Burkina Faso and 2 lions decided that the occupants were a nice bit of not so fast food.
The lions stood in front of the car and after hours of the lions not moving (probably only minutes) Depardieu got out of the car with his lion shooting gun and killed them.

Being a big fat fucker he was asked during an interview if he had eaten the lions to which he replied, 'mer qui' ..... lost me there, did you or didn't you?  People say oh don't worry the French all speak English, when you travel there but the fuckers refuse to just to piss you off.

His most favourite food is a large bird like a seagull or crow in between two slices of bread and covered in rouge sass, aye those Frenchies sure know how to eat .... they know fuck all about fighting or bathing but eating they are experts at. 

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